Kim Jong Un wants “dialogue and conflict” with the United States

US President Joe Biden has been fighting to find a solution to the controversy over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Now the ruler Kim Jong Un is reacting and relying on conflict.

North Korea Follow the words of those in power Kim Jong Un For conversation and conflict at the same time United States Be prepared. However, on the third day of a meeting of the central committee of the ruling Labor Party in Pyongyang on Thursday, Kim stressed the need for “full preparation, especially for the conflict.” Kim was quoted in state media on Friday as saying that it was important to protect the state’s independence and its interests for independent development. Kim is also the party leader.

The internationally isolated leadership in Pyongyang has so far awaited Washington’s new North Korea policy. U.S. officials have described the new approach to the controversy over North Korea as an “integrated practical approach.” Nuclear weapons program Find a solution through negotiation. Further details have not yet been released. Negotiations between the two countries have been going on since the failure of the summit with the former US president Donald Trump No further progress was made in Vietnam in February 2019.

March charge: The United States pursues “hostile policies.”

Kim did not go directly to the course of the US government. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government. In March, North Korea accused the Biden government of pursuing a hostile policy.

At the Central Committee meeting, the implementation of the most important political guidelines for this year will be analyzed. At a party conference in January, North Korea presented a new economic development plan for the next five years. At the start of the committee meeting on Monday, Kim had adjusted the population to a poor food supply.

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