King Charles – moved to tears

King Charles – moved to tears

King Charles was emotional and joking as, on Wednesday afternoon, for the first time since his cancer diagnosis, he returned to public duties when he met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The meeting was held at Buckingham Palace.

The Prime Minister is said to have said: “It is wonderful that you look so good,” to which the King replied, laughing:

“Everything is made of mirrors (optical illusion and/or magic trick. Note).”

– It can be very dangerous

– Wonderful messages

Furthermore, the conversation took a somewhat more serious turn when the cancer diagnosis became the topic, and the King began to thank him for the support he had received in recent weeks.

He said he was deeply touched by all the cards and congratulations he received.

Although the purpose of the meeting was not to diagnose his condition, he shook hands with the Prime Minister, knowing full well that the press would be there to scrutinize the king’s health.

according to BBC The king has temporarily suspended public visits while he receives treatment, but will continue his duties as head of state, such as meetings with the prime minister.

“I have received so many wonderful letters and cards, they have often made me cry,” said the king upon his arrival.

First statement after diagnosis

First statement after diagnosis

Cancer detected

After the short meeting between the two in front of the press, they withdrew and continued the meeting behind closed doors.

King Charles' cancer was discovered due to a planned prostate surgery at the end of January.

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The operation was planned for benign prostatic hyperplasia, but tests were performed during the operation that revealed a type of cancer.

The type of cancer he has is not yet known to the general public.

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