Klopp confirmed that both Stefan Bagcetic and Jordan Henderson are out of action against Real Madrid

Klopp confirmed that both Stefan Bagcetic and Jordan Henderson are out of action against Real Madrid

Fabinho is the first to come off – and was asked about facing Real Madrid after losing 5-2 in the first leg

– We have to keep our heads clear. That’s it.

– It will be very difficult for us. We have to play smart and try to win the game.

– We must score at least three goals, we must do everything we can to get extra time and score more goals to eliminate Real Madrid.

Fabinho was asked about Vinicius Jr

Viennese is at an incredible stage in his career. He is one of Real Madrid’s best players. He proved it in the first game. It would be a huge challenge for me to try to stop him.

– If we have a chance to advance, we must deny him the field. We have to stop him. Players like him can find space all the time, and leave their mark on the game.

Fabinho was asked what he learned from the round of 16

– We learned a lot. We will try not to open ourselves up too much to a team of this quality.

– We have nothing to lose. Everyone expects Real Madrid to win and progress. But we have a responsibility. We are a group of players who have had good experiences. Against Barcelona in 2019, we responded. We know it’s possible.

It’s J├╝rgen Klopp’s turn – the first question is what he’s thinking now

– I’m happy to be here. We are here three weeks after the game at Anfield and we have a game to play. We are here to play against a very strong opponent and try to win the game tomorrow.

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– If we have a 1% chance, we will try. If that’s possible, we’ll see where that takes us. We respect the championship and the opponent too much to not be ready for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the match.

Klopp was asked what Liverpool should have done differently from the first match

– You can’t deny Vinicius and Karim my chances all the time, but we did it for long periods in the first game.

– I don’t see any major problems with our tactics in the first match. We couldn’t defend against their counter attacks.

– To win the match, we have to be very good. We have to play at our best just to win the game, without having to advance for that reason, so we will try to do that.

We have to be very active with or without the ball. The midfield must press exceptionally well. We must take risks, while at the same time we must try to avoid counterattacks against us.

– With the risk we must take offensively, we must do our best to avoid counter-attacks. There wasn’t much wrong with our plan in the first game, but we couldn’t counter-attack.

Klopp reveals the absence of Stefan Bagcetic and Jordan Henderson from the match

– Stefan Bagcetic had a pressure response in his groin, we don’t know how long he’ll stay. Jordan Henderson will also be absent.

Klopp on Real Madrid

– They have a great team. They play differently from us. It’s about the mentality. They have my full respect. great team.

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Fabinho is right. Real Madrid can smell blood. They never lose faith in themselves. It is a great strength for the team. They have gained so much that nothing scares them.

Real Madrid can go on like this for a long time. They have Luka Modric, Karim Benzema and Toni Kroos as well as many other good young players. Chumini. What a team. We lost grand finals to them, but we also played some good games against them.

– I don’t know how many times I watched the final against them in Paris again. We will try to use everything we can. Madrid do what they do. They don’t change anything, but they are so good, they can do it.

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