Kristiansand and Søgne – Expert: Can create their own poll

Kristiansand and Søgne - Expert: Can create their own poll

Few know the laws of the land better than Professor Emeritus John Friedzoff Bernd.

UiB Professor Christianchand meticulously follows the debate over municipal dissolution and a possible referendum.

Says the government No. A referendum should be held to dissolve Christian and the municipality.

– Bernd tells Dagbladet that there should not be a referendum on the government or Storting in Chokne and Sangdalen to resolve the issue of a section of the municipality.

Leading Expertise: Professor John Friedzoff Bernd. Photo: Vidhar Root / NDP
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– But to the state administrator Investigation Question about section. The state executive can do this in a number of ways, he adds.

It is already known that the government wants Agder Ap strongly opposes the referendum on the municipal system in the old municipalities of Søgne and Songdalen.

Government solution

The political leadership in Christianchand opposes the secession from the old municipalities of Chokne and Sangdalen.

This week, Home Secretary Chikporn Jigelswick (Sp) admitted that he could not force Christians to hold a referendum.

According to Professor Bernd, Zero is the problem. Says Gjelsvik and co. Then there are two options.

– The government may be asked to provide all relevant information to Christiansand, which may then decide on the dissolution. Or the government may find out what the municipalities think, in this case Søgne and Songdalen.

Dagbladet was able to announce that the government on Monday Does not emphasize the outcome of a possible referendum in the entire Christian Church.

Søgne and Songdalen A way to find out what people really think, Dagbladet could say yesterday that all citizens with the right to vote should be invited.

Separate referendum

If Christiansand Municipality does not want to play ball, the state has every chance of arranging its own referendum, says Professor Bernd.

– Asking the state administrator to arrange a referendum is not legally complicated. You have a voter record and can be called to vote. Then you hear a separate number in the sub-municipalities of Søgne and Songdalen and the old Kristiansand, says Bernd.

– Has the referendum been said to be the best choice?

– There will be only one element in the overall estimate; Bernd says the government and perhaps Sporting could not be bound by the outcome of the referendum.

Not the state against the municipality

He goes on to say:

– The government will determine what the best solution is, taking into account, among other things, what is commonly expressed in a referendum on what citizens think in the three old municipalities.

Bernd insists that the issue that divides Christianity is a purely political question, and he sees it that way.

– This is not a question of preceding or preceding municipal sovereignty in Christianchand. This is the question of local self-government in Christianity and local self-government in Chokne and Sangdalen, not local self-government against the state. Here, the government, or ultimately Storting, should weigh in on the opposing considerations, says Bernd.

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