Lasse Matberg discontinued Skal vi danse: All-Stars

Lasse Matberg discontinued Skal vi danse: All-Stars

Last Saturday, a number of co-stars danced for the first time this year on the Skal vi danse dance floor. Tonight, twelve of them put on their dancing shoes again.

However, there was one pair who had to leave the competition. The participants who had to go out to a dance duel and fight to keep their place on the show were Lacey Matberg and Eric Softland.

After an intense duel, it was Lasse Matberg who knocked out Skal vi danse: All-Stars.

Smoke: It was Lacey Matberg who had to leave the competition. Photo: Espen Sully

I wish Eric all the best. He’s the person I got to know best and took the most breaks with. He’s a nice guy, so I support him more, Matberg tells TV 2.

– We had a good feeling after the dance today and that’s the most important thing, he adds.

smoked during the premiere

During the premiere last Saturday, Triana Iglesias had to leave the dance competition.

– Oh my God, it’s so sad. But of course very happy for Carrie. Tom Eric and Carrie, you are so cute. “You deserve this,” Iglesias said after she resigned.

“And the love that she received when people came here and hugged me at last, was so sweet,” she added, with tears in her eyes.

The second dance for the participants

Eric Softland, 34, gave his first dance of the evening with his dance partner Ewa Trela, 43. The fox slow-dancing couple to the song “Don’t stop Believin” by Journey.

Finally, sexologist and influencer Iselin Guttormsen (35) hit salsa with Catalin Mihu (28). This time the couple handed the tango over to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”.

During the evening broadcast, Lacey Matberg (37) and professional dancer Jada Bloch Thorsen (41) danced the Paso Double to the Meat Luv’s “I’d Do Anything for Love.”

Training profile Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand (33) and Santino Mirenna (28) earned the first nine of the season during the premiere. Tonight things went much better in terms of points when they danced a jive and took first place of the year.

Victor Suttberg, 31, also threw a cadaver during the evening broadcast. Together with dance partner Philip Raabe (21), they danced to Harry Styles’ “As It Was” song.

Sports and apparel profile Carrie Tra (48) ended up in a liquidation duel during last Saturday’s premiere and worked her way through the program. Tonight she danced a quick step to Dolly Parton’s song “9-5” with Tom Eric Nielsen (35).

Former presenter Catherine Moholt, 48, performed samba during today’s broadcast with dance partner and former judge Igor Filippenko (35).

The next man was influencer and TV personality Martine Lunde (26) with Tarjei Svalastog (24). The dancing couple delivered the song “STAY” by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.

Actor Genghis Al (24) received the highest scores from the judges during the premiere. Back Tonight With Quickstep With Dancer Rikke Lund (27)

After the last broadcast, former Skal vi danse winner Aleksander Hetland (39) decided to do so Dramatic forward moves and increased amount of training. He’s back tonight and salsa dancing with Helen Spelling (26).

Singer Agnet Saba (28 years old) danced to Christian Christensen’s “Do ja ma philgesterk” during the evening program while wearing a Sami jacket. She did it with her dance partner Jürgen Nielsen (32 years old).

Nathan “Nate” Kahongo (26 years old) last liked a dance with Nadia Khamitskaya (39). this week Kahongo injured himself a few days before the broadcast, but he’s still dancing on the floor tonight. Together they danced cha-cha-cha.

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