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Det jobbes på Beisfjordsiden av raset.

Early Friday morning, the avalanche was gone and took the road to Besfjord – and part of the High Voltage line with it.

The landslide occurred on Friday morning and is estimated to be about 300 meters wide and 4 meters high.

Thus, it has become quite dark in the village which lies in the inner part of the Beisfjord 15 kilometers south of the town center of Narvik.

With several landslides at risk, the power company knew it would take several days before the road opened, and it was likely that they would be able to repair the damage to the line.

new chip? The landslide area photographed by Narvik Harbor on Sunday. Here it looks like there was a new landslide with the soil on top of the avalanche.

Photo: Narvik Port

They decided to do the “impossible”. They will try to get a submarine cable extended from the mainland side to the Beisfjord faster than they can.

It was very urgent – when a new storm was on its way.

3.3 km cable

On Saturday night, Hålogaland kraft Nett can send this message:

“Now you all in the Beisfjord can turn on the light again. And cook the normal way. Not least to have a heated house to wake up to tomorrow.”

“I am a huge fan and am very proud to have such talented colleagues,” says CEO Ida Texmo Prytz at Hålogaland Kraft Nett.

Its people have stood by day and night since a landslide took over the village with 800 people on Friday morning.

The submarine cable is pulled up the slope in a secure location outside the landslide.  Photo:

The submarine cable is pulled up the slope in a secure location outside the landslide.

Photo: Ballangen Sjøfarm

Thus, in record time, they were able to lay just over 3.3 kilometers of submarine cable from the Narvik side and into the fjord to Bisefjord. In addition, a large amount of cable was laid on the side of the ground.

– Then we got to the tension on both sides. We know that there were up to 80 people in total who were involved in making this happen. There are people from our company, network company, other group companies and many other shareholders.

Prytz pays tribute to the locals in Beisfjord.

There are many who have worked to achieve this. We worked “non-stop” day and night. Many can well-deserved rest today.

Is it difficult to lay such a submarine cable?

HLK Nett fitter Tommy Johansen co-layed the submarine cable.  Photo: Ballangen Sjøfarm

HLK Nett fitter Tommy Johansen co-layed the submarine cable. Photo: Ballangen Sjøfarm

Photo: Ballangen Sjøfarm

– We knew how to do it. But there are a lot of logistics that have to go hand in hand. We put the cable into the sea. There’s no doubt that we’ve set a new record in quelling it and stirring up tension, there’s no doubt about it.

Normally, this job could take several weeks, according to Britz. Equipment must be ordered and resources must be made available. But here everyone lined up.

Ballangen Sjøfarm had a boat they could borrow while working. And Ballangen Power had its own submarine cable, a liar.

will be permanent

– It was a kind of charity to make it happen. Everyone believed. The municipality of Narvik, the local people and our folks. Electricity is very important to people. The presence of light and heat in the homes. And if we hadn’t done it yesterday, they would have been without power for a while.

The submarine cable that has now been laid in the Beisfjord will always be in record time.

– This is an area prone to landslides, and with a submarine cable, the power supply will be more protected than the existing network of lines.

lining up the boat

Narvik Municipality has fatt help of the armed forces who line up with bat be ga On the shuttle traffic between Narvik and Besfjord from Monday at 1 pm.

In addition, Narvik Municipality is waiting fora A clear indication from NVE that they can ga In progress a Paving the way for the races.

Food was also transported to the ground isolation in the village.

We felt we had to do something because they might be held Friday through Wednesday. There are families with children out there, too, says grocer Harald Anthonson at Rima Onkness.

Besfjord, where people are cornered after a break before the weekend, food is brought in late on a Saturday night.

-I think over Friday and Saturday we packed and delivered food to over 100 families in Besefjord, between 500 and 800 bags, says grocer Harald Antonsen in Rima Onknes.

Photo: Jostein Egset/Norwegian People’s Aid

Norwegian People’s Aid provided the boats. Antonsen called the local emergency manager and offered to pack food and send it aboard the boat.

We packed the goods into bags, wrote down the name, phone number, address, and number of bags each recipient had, stripped the bags again and then got into the truck and went down to sea where the boat was waiting.

There were diapers, baby food, sausages and bread, and they were also without electricity until Saturday night. Plus, we sent out lots of batteries, tealights, candles and comfort food, and some snacks of course, Antonsen says.

NVE geologists are working to assess landslide risks and whether it is safe to travel to the landslide area, but according to police, the road will be closed for a longer period of time.

The landslide hazard in the Ofoten area has been set at hazard level 3, highly.

A landslide in the Beisfjord.

Slipper Slide: This is the second time in less than a week that landslides have occurred in the area. A landslide occurred a few days before the village was isolated.

Photo: Lynn Vinsvin

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