Lenny is looking for the Prince of Dreams, Lenny Meister

Lenny is looking for the Prince of Dreams, Lenny Meister

Watch Linni Meister get rid of her second suitor in the video below:

The search for the Prince of Dreams, 36, is in full swing, and another suitor was forced to return home on Monday.

last week was Udon Fehli (35 years old) who had to leave the programThis week, wait for the second dumping. And after a busy week with both golf, karting and spa, it was 31-year-old Frederick Field who had to give up the fight for Meister’s heart. However, he doesn’t seem to take it seriously.

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“I think we actually pretty much agreed that we didn’t get that spark and direct feelings for each other,” Fjeld explains after dumping him on Monday’s episode.

No instant connection

The dumping last week was too humid for Lenny Meister, while this week she managed to hold back her tears.

In the episode, she makes it clear that while it’s not fun to send someone home, it’s essential for her with the hope that she’ll leave with her boyfriend eventually.

And she doesn’t see Fjeld’s potential boyfriend.

– She doesn’t feel like you might be too interested in getting to know me, she says to the 31-year-old during the dump, and adds that she feels other men are trying to do more.

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His skin does not feel that the two may be identical.

– All the others say they have some “connection”. He says I don’t feel like I received the same.

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The newspaper online tried to get its own comments from Fjeld – who due to illness did not have the opportunity to respond.

He had TV dating experience

Fredrik Field’s time at Kragerø wasn’t long, but he still managed a pretty small TV comeback.

The young committed viewer has probably seen the 31-year-old from Bærum before, which isn’t too strange. In 2017, he participated in “Jakten på kjærligheten” on TV 2, then went to the top of the show and found love with farmer Beatrice Fjell.

On the other hand, the relationship did not last, and after three years together, the de facto couple went their separate ways in August 2020.

In other words, Fjeld had experience dating on TV, but he nevertheless made no secret that it was a strange experience.

– I’ve tried it once before, so I’m a little familiar with it. It’s still weird, the 31-year-old told Nettavizen, laughing before taping in last summer’s Carrageo, that it’s not uncommon to date a camera crew.

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