Culture and entertainment, influential | That’s why Caroline Berg Eriksen “disappeared” from the limelight

Culture and entertainment, influential |  That’s why Caroline Berg Eriksen “disappeared” from the limelight

(electronic newspaper) For several years, Caroline Berg Eriksen (36) has been one of the country’s leading bloggers, and under the name “Fotballfrue” the mother of two from Sarpsborg quickly gained a large following.

Over the years, the 36-year-old has also become visible on television and active on social media, and for several years described herself as a guest on star-studded red carpets and celebrity-heavy events.

But lately, it’s been relatively quiet from Eriksen, especially when it comes to various events and red carpets. In front of Nettavisen, she tells why she is no longer as “present” in the public eye now as she was in previous years.

big success

Eriksen began his blogging career in May 2009, then known as “Fotballfrue”. The name of the blog came about because her husband Lars Christian Eriksen (40 years old) was actively playing football.

The 36-year-old’s blogging success also led to her taking part in TV 2’s TV series The Bloggers, where she starred for four seasons.

These days, more people are turning to “blogging” via Instagram, which Eriksen has also turned to. In recent years, the 36-year-old has become more visible on Instagram, where she has just under 300,000 followers. On Instagram, she shares fitness, food, fashion, interior and family content.

She has her base at her home in Sarpsborg, which is part of the reason why she’s not as ‘out there’ as she used to be.

-I don’t live in Oslo, so traveling from Sarpsborg to Oslo is a big challenge. But of course it happens, she told Nettavisen when asked why she doesn’t make regular appearances at celebrity events.

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Netavsen meets Eriksen as part of the premiere of the Disney movie “Wish” at the Colosseum Cinema, where she appeared on the red carpet with her two children, Neilia (10 years old) and Naya (7 years old).

– So today we just wanted to come and watch the movie, and it’s also nice to have the girls with us too, she says.

Christmas plans are clear

As mentioned earlier, Eriksen has not only been active in blogs and social media, but also on television. In 2014 she participated in the program “Shall we dance”, and in 2021 in the program “New Megahit in Norway” on TV 2.

She has also been busy with many other projects. Among other things, she has written a book and done several design collaborations.

However, the effects for which the 36-year-old is known have been very lucrative for her. In 2018 She was the highest paid blogger in Norwayand received 2.8 million Norwegian kroner.

These days, a lot of time is spent with family, and Eriksen was able to say during the cinema’s premiere at the Colosseum cinema at the weekend that she and her family have traditional plans for the coming period.

– She says: We put up the Christmas tree two days ago.

Caroline Berg Eriksen loves Christmas herself, and says she and her family have many established Christmas traditions. Among other things, theater is a great interest for girls, and is a regular Christmas tradition.

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“We also love baking, so maybe Santa Claus will come to visit us,” she laughs.

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