Liquor Store, CO | The record could be broken tomorrow: asking people to show up early

Liquor Store, CO |  The record could be broken tomorrow: asking people to show up early

Christmas is just around the corner, and for many people, that means wanting to enjoy good food and drink, with or without alcohol.

At Vinmonopolet, it is now believed that the current calendar week could be the best ever, says Jens Nordahl, the company's press officer.

– is heading into Vinmonopolite's biggest calendar week ever, and the final results will be available at 4pm tomorrow. I think we can break the record by one hundred to two hundred thousand litres. That remains to be seen, Nordahl tells Netafsen.

However, Nordahl stresses that they will not be selling any more wine, spirits and other goods this year, and says that the potential record will be due to something else, if it is reached.

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– Now sales are coming together. People don't plan the way they did during the pandemic. For example, we sold more in December 2020 and last year as well. He says that in the past, there was great importance in reducing infections.

It also shows that Vinmonopolet is well equipped to handle streaming.

-Things are going well for us. We've had bigger days than before, as well as hours of greater stress before. It is very easy to handle the flow of customers today, although there is a bit of a queue in some places.

Waiting for customers in the hundreds of thousands

-What should you do if you want to try to secure a bottle or two tomorrow?

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Nordahl responds:

– There is no crisis. We have a lot of merchandise in our stores, and we expect a steady flow throughout the day. Although there will be fewer customers with us at the end of the day, we encourage people to come early, as some may sell out.

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– It will not go unnoticed. We have a wide range of products, and if your favorite wine is sold out, we have many good alternatives. Just ask for help.

When a Nettavisen journalist visited Vinmonopolet in Oslo, many of the wines were empty.

-Do you have any estimate of how many people will visit Venmonopolite on Christmas Eve?

– It could quickly become around 350,000. It was almost today. 420,000, Nordahl says.

Alcohol recommendation for parents of children

– What do you think about drinking alcoholic beverages during the holiday season, when parents and children spend a lot of time together?

We advise you not to drink alcohol in the presence of children. It's good to have a little fun, but it's not good to ruin the next day or ruin a good evening, says Nordahl.

It continues:

– Of course, you should enjoy good food and good company, but you should avoid drinking alcohol in the presence of children.

– What makes you take this clear position?

– We believe that Christmas is a children's holiday, and that excessive alcohol use can create difficult and difficult situations. It is better for children to have good Christmas memories. Adults can relax with a glass when the kids are in bed, Nordahl says in conclusion.

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