Insomniac talks about the data breach

Insomniac talks about the data breach


  • Insomniac Games has spoken out after a massive data leak this week, admitting to stealing employees' personal information and details about upcoming games, including Marvel's Wolverine.
  • Insomniac stresses that all future plans are subject to change, but that will not affect the timing of Wolverine's reveal.
  • The company is grateful for the fans' support and promised to continue producing their games, despite the “extremely difficult” experience.

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After several days of silence, Insomniac Games issued an official statement regarding the data breach last week, which resulted in the release of large amounts of classified files. The developer of Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank describes the experience as very difficult, but indicates that the team will not allow itself to be broken.

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On X (formerly Twitter), Insomniac acknowledges that it is still working on mapping all of the stolen files. The developer acknowledges that employees' personal information has been leaked, as well as details about upcoming games – including Marvel's Wolverine.

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As for the future of the studio, Insomniac points out that all plans can and will change. This appears to be aimed at those who have seen the leaked Wolverine gameplay clips, as well as the list of games the developer plans to work on over the next ten years.

Furthermore, Insomniac appreciates the enthusiasm shown by fans in recent days. However, the data breach and subsequent leak will not change plans for when Wolverine will premiere, which will be “when the time is right.”

Thank you for the unwavering sympathy and support that has poured in. We really appreciate it.

We are saddened and angry by the recent criminal cyber attack on our studio, as well as the emotional impact on our team. We have turned our focus inward over the past two days to support each other.

We understand that the stolen data includes personal information belonging to our employees, former employees and hired employees. Details of early development of Marvel's Wolverine for PlayStation 5 are also included. We are continuing to work to determine what type of data is affected.

This experience has been very difficult for us.

We want everyone to enjoy the games we develop the way they were intended and that our players deserve. But just like Logan, Insomniac is flexible. Marvel's Wolverine continues as planned. The game is still early in production and will undoubtedly change a lot during development, just like all of our plans.

While we appreciate everyone's enthusiasm, we will share official information about Marvel's Wolverine when the time is right.

On behalf of everyone at Insomniac, thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.»

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