Bahareh Letnes may have to close the bar

Bahareh Letnes may have to close the bar

In early December, Bahare Lednes (33) had to close the Grand Bar in Halton after a spill.

– They said I should come because there was a water leak in the bar. After two hours of sleep I had to go to work. Then there was a lot of water in the Grand Bar, he added Daily Børsen.

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According to Lednes, the cause of the leak was a hole in a pipe in the sprinkler system.

When Dagbladet spoke to the 33-year-old two weeks after the incident, he says that the pub had suffered a lot of damage.

Cries: Bahare Letnes broke down in tears after the disappointing news at “Camp Culinaris”. Correspondent: Cain Balch. Video: Selena Morgan / Viaplay
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– Roof, wall and floor damaged. The leak came from two bedrooms upstairs – above the hotel bar. So Lednes says the bar will be demolished in January:

– This is still not completely decided, it is decided by the owner of the house. I have nothing to do with the building, but I found a temporary solution to stay open at Christmas.

Lednes says the fuse was also destroyed as a result of the leak.

In a loud voice:- Tired of fake politicians

In a loud voice:- Tired of fake politicians

– So I brought in an electrician who came to make an alternative solution to get electricity at Christmas and run the bar.

Christmas at Grand Bar means a lot to Letness.

– Christmas is very important to me and being able to dance, be merry and be happy in the city. I can't have a good Christmas without a grand bar, so I had to find another solution because it's important to me and the people of Halton.

Reopens: Almost two months later, Per Sandberg and Bahare Lednes are looking forward to reopening the pub they run in Halton.
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Despite the fact that the pub could be open during Christmas, it will now close in the New Year.

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– I think we should be closed for up to four months. After working there for almost four years, it would be a completely different life.

Knust Bahareh: - That's why there was a breakup

Knust Bahareh: – That's why there was a breakup

When the bar closes, Letness will transfer operations to the disco located in the room next to the bar. Unlike Grand Bar, the disco is only open on weekends.

– In the meantime, I will take a lesson. So after we redecorate I will come up with lots of new things and new surprises for my clients. So I'm not going to rest the month we're closed, I'm going to use every second to get better and bring new things to the bar.

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