List of dead Russian soldiers banned – VG

List of dead Russian soldiers banned - VG
Ukrainian expert with the body of a Russian soldier in the village of Javalivka in Ukraine.

A Russian court has ruled that lists of dead Russian soldiers are a state secret and prohibits them from being published.


Svetlokorsk district court in the Kaliningrad region of the Baltic Sea has banned the publication of a list of Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine. R.P.K..

This is a web site Sentenced in the Pskov region. Other websites have previously published lists of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine.

Although these lists are made on the basis of deaths published by official sources such as governors and local leaders, they are declared illegal.

A lawyer in the Baltic Fleet based in Kaliningrad sued the media. They received support from the media controller Roskomnadzor – and now from the court.

The court found that the information “revealing the loss of personnel during wartime and during peacetime during special operations” were state secrets. RBK says disclosure of state secrets could lead to criminal liability.

Many deleted lists

The entire website may be closed now, it is said, but will be available in Norway on Tuesday morning, at least. They are part of a large media company with local websites in about 45 cities.

Following the ruling, RBK reported that several websites belonging to the same media outlet had removed the list of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine.

Local leaders are posting information about soldiers from their region who were killed in Ukraine. The Federal Ministry of Defense does not do that. They do not go out with figures of the total loss to Russia in this war.

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More secret

74.ruAnother website of the same media company but based in Siberia, has already removed the list of dead Russian soldiers.

There is also talk of secrecy: Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development proposes not to release information on the country’s gold reserves and foreign exchange reserves on Tuesday, reports Toss.

– The Ministry’s document states that information on gold reserves and the state’s foreign exchange reserves should be kept away from non-friendly foreign states in relation to friendly activities of foreign states and international organizations.

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