Listhaug comes out strongly against the conservatives at the Frp's national meeting

Listhaug comes out strongly against the conservatives at the Frp's national meeting

– This government promised that this is the way of the common man. We can safely say that there has been a continuous decline of Listhaug thunder from the platform.

He has come out particularly strongly against rising prices of food, fuel and electricity.

– In Sweden, which does not produce a single drop of oil, they cut the fuel tax. Veda increases fuel tax in oil country Norway And people need to remember that the Conservative Party is not the solution, the Progressive Party leader said.

Iron carpet

Listhaug criticized the Conservative Party's proposed tax increases on, among other things, paper products, fuel and CO2 emissions, and demanded tax and tax cuts if the Progressive Party were to join government.

A common theme in Listhaug's National Assembly address was freedom. He compared the current situation to the Cold War, recalling the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communist Eastern Europe.

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– After the wall came down, we all thought we wanted the same: freedom and security for the whole people. That the wave of freedom will spread further. It didn't turn out that way. A new value war is underway. A new iron curtain came down. Listock said that dictators preside over Western democracies and authoritarian states.

– Warming up

The theme of independence resurfaced when he called for strengthening the armed forces, came out strongly against what he called “coddling” with the Iranian regime, and attracted Norwegian business leaders who had emigrated because of the tax policy.

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The Progress Party often uses “Swedish conditions” as a metaphor for high crime and poor integration. Listak joked with expression when talking about the party's energy policy.

– We will develop more hydropower, other renewable energy locally where it is needed, not least: there is actually one area where we like Swedish conditions – Frp now likes nuclear power, he said to applause from the hall.

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– Farmers have been cheated this week

Seconds earlier, he had called on the ruling parties and the Conservatives for an oil settlement and encouraged oil drilling in the Barents Sea. The Center Party gained momentum when the FRP leader raised broken promises on energy policy, electrification and tax policy.

– They really let the farmers down this week, Listhaug said, noting that Storting rejected on Thursday the government's plan to increase farmers' incomes after a confusing trend. The comment drew laughter from the audience.

Anti-Semitism and the fight for values, gang crime and transport policy were the topics, before the Frp leader offered his next support.

– Kjerkol left behind a fire plot

It came against outgoing Health and Care Minister Ingvild Kerkol (AP), hours before he handed over the keys to his successor, Jan Christian Vestre.

– Many commentators have suggested that Kerkol was active. I have to say I totally agree with that. The truth is, she often leaves a fire plot with all the arrows pointing in the wrong direction, says Lystock.

He concluded his speech to the National Assembly on the theme of Independence.

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– Without freedom we are nothing, last words of delegates and audience.

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