Madonna's appearance causes a stir

Madonna's appearance causes a stir

Throughout her years-long career, Queen of Pop Madonna (65) has had to endure a lot of attention – both good and bad.

She regularly appears in the media, among other things, as a result of the photos and videos she has shared of herself on social media.

Unrecognizable: – Who is this?

Now a video shared on TikTok in 2022 has come to light again, according to the Dane News 24 It spreads like wildfire.

“I think Madonna has tasted the entire plastic surgery buffet over the years,” skincare expert Svante Norberg tells the site.

GORGEOUS: A skincare expert thinks the Queen of Pop is unrecognizable.  Image: TikTok screenshot

GORGEOUS: A skincare expert thinks the Queen of Pop is unrecognizable. Image: TikTok screenshot
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It is believed that the Queen of Pop has had, among other things, a facelift, neck lift, eye lift, forehead lift and fat transplant.

– Until two years ago, most people believed that she had succeeded in performing the operations [ …]. Of course, it's a shock when that familiar face suddenly becomes unfamiliar, leaving people wondering if she's having a severe allergic reaction. The most important thing is of course that she is happy, but according to many, she has gone all out and stuffed her face with what I assume is her body fat.

Queen Letizia of Spain has undergone a number of plastic surgeries. Video: Se og Hør, NTB.
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Madonna herself has never confirmed the interventions she has had, but has previously commented on her appearance.

The kiss shocked the whole world

The kiss shocked the whole world

Almost a year ago, the 65-year-old shared a photo of himself on X, formerly Twitter, with the following caption:

“Look how cute I am now that the swelling from the operation has gone down.”

Her fans have previously expressed their preference for her natural face.

“I really wish Madonna had never touched her face. There was really no reason to do that. She was aging beautifully. She had always been beautiful. Stop playing with their faces,” one person wrote on X after the artist appeared at an awards ceremony Grammys last year.

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