“MagSafe” will be completely removed

“MagSafe” will be completely removed

Apple hasn’t used MagSafe to its fullest, there are a sea of ​​possibilities.

The big shift in USB C will happen next year

MagSafe entered the market in October 2020 at the same time as the iPhone 12. Since then, Apple hasn’t made many changes, and the ecosystem of Lightning products is probably still much larger. Now MacRumors’ Mark Gurman reveals that Apple will make a big switch to USB C for all products next year, including the MagSafe Duo.

Gorman isn’t sure if any of this will be revealed next Tuesday, which is the day of the big iPhone 15 press conference. Otherwise, there will be almost no AirPods Pro 3 next week, but Apple will instead update them with USB C. According to Gurman, Apple is planning a sequel to its most expensive plugs next year or early 2025. The AirPods Pro 2 were launched last September, so it’s no surprise.

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Serial connection

Now available on all devices, USB C is more practical than sexy, but it includes a new generation of MagSafe battery packs. That is, it should be possible to connect several of them together and thus charge several devices at the same time:

“For example, it will be possible to charge two iPhones at the same time, with one placed on either side of the battery pack. It will of course also have USB C,” MacRumors wrote.

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