War in Ukraine – shot down over Kyiv

War in Ukraine – shot down over Kyiv

Early Sunday, several drones were said to have been shot down over Kiev, Ukrainian authorities spokesmen say.

No one was said to have been killed in the attacks.

that it BBC Who writes about supposedly Russian drones shot down by air defense systems in the city.

According to the British National Broadcasting Corporation, at least ten explosions were heard in the capital. The flight alert again indicated that people needed to get to safety.

The head of the military administration in Kiev, Sergei Popko, says that drone debris caused a fire in a house, but it was extinguished. Cars and trolleybuses in the city are also said to have been damaged.

Shooting: Flames and explosions were seen in Podilskij and Svyatoshinsky after Russian drones were shot down. Photo: Reuters
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Several attacks in a short time

Sunday’s drone attack joins a series of similar attacks recently.

This time too, Kiev’s air defense system has proven effective against Russian drones and missiles.

On Sunday morning, Bobko said about 20 Iranian-made Shahed drones had been shot down. According to the military command, the drones should have flown towards Kiev in groups, from several directions.

Ukrainian authorities had previously said they had done so Very good effect American and German air defense systems deployed in several places in the country.

Norway also donated anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. These are of the NASAMS and Mistral types.

Air defense is critical to Ukraine’s ability to protect both the civilian population, infrastructure and military units on the front line against all types of Russian attacks from the air, the government wrote in a press release in August.

He reveals a Russian plan

Reveals a “secret” Russian plan.

Russia claims to have shot down drones

While Ukraine reported another drone attack, the Russian Defense Ministry said it shot down eight Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea, near Crimea – which Russia has occupied since 2014.

Recently, Ukrainian drones have flown far into Russian territory, all the way to the Moscow region. Recently, a Russian air base in Pskov was attacked.

The Ukrainian authorities did not confirm that they were behind these attacks.

In addition to shooting down drones over the sea, Russian authorities claim to have destroyed three Ukrainian military ships en route to Crimea.

The BBC wrote that they were unable to confirm this information, which comes a few days after Russia announced that it had destroyed four similar ships.

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