Frida Carlsson, Roca | I haven’t forgiven Frida Carlson: – Don’t say that again

Frida Carlsson, Roca |  I haven’t forgiven Frida Carlson: – Don’t say that again

Carlson returned to Ruka, Finland, for the opening of the World Cup Cross-Country Skiing Championships. This year, it probably looks a little more so compared to previous years.

-So far I haven’t had any angry fans after me. “But we’ll see if they bow to me tomorrow,” Carlson says. Express.

The Swedish ski enthusiast managed to get in trouble with Finnish residents when earlier this fall she referred to Ruka as a “shit hole.”

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-I’m thinking of wearing a Finnish hat

The outcry over Rocca came after a question about what it was like to be a high-profile Swedish star athlete after the terrorist attack in Brussels, and whether she felt safe traveling and competing this winter.

“It is clear that what happened is terrible. At the same time, we travel to places like Rocca or Livigno. They are like bad little places and maybe not the worst ‘terror sites’,” was Carlson’s response.

This sparked anger among Finns. In an interview with Expressen shortly afterwards, the 24-year-old apologized to the Finnish people.

– I thought Roca was a small place if you compare it to Brussels for example. Therefore it is not risky. I have no problem with Roca. “On the contrary, I think the situation is great there,” she said.

But it doesn’t seem to help at all. Not all Finns have forgiven Carlson.

“I thought about walking around wearing a Finnish hat so no one would recognize me,” she says and laughs, according to Expressen.

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– Don’t say that again

One of those who have not yet forgotten Carlsson’s words is Yle’s Finnish ski correspondent Pekka Holopainen. He says there are still a lot of people angry about what Carlson said about Rocca.

-This applies to me personally as well. This is a small municipality where everyone is struggling to make this event a success. He says: Then you shouldn’t say such things.

-What do you want to say to Frida? Expressen asks.

– Don’t say that again.

However, Roca organizers announced that they were taking Carlsson’s statement with extreme caution, and that they were most welcome to the opening of the World Cup.

It starts with a sprint on Friday morning. The prologue starts at 10.00, while qualifying starts at 12.30.

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