– Leads against crisis

– Leads against crisis

STORTINGET (Dagbladet): This is stated in the Progress Party’s alternative state budget, which will be presented tomorrow.

– In the municipal election campaign, everyone was concerned about caring for the elderly. But still Labour’s promise of 1,500 new nursing homes was simply a fake, says Bert Hoegsrud (Frp).

– In the state budget presented by the government, it has been stated that the funds for elderly care have not been allocated for new places. As such, much of this will go into new buildings and rehabilitation, says Hogsroot.

In its alternative budget, the Progressive Party will open its purse strings.

They will provide investment grants for 1,500 new nursing homes and care places by 2024, which will only go to net grants of places in municipalities.

– In addition, we propose to reorganize 500 more seats. This is in addition to the 1,500 places proposed by the government, says Hogsroot.

Health Minister Ingwil Kerkol responded to criticisms of the FRP when he presented this fall:

– This is FRP’s trick because it is the same arrangement we did when they were Minister for the Elderly. We fill in a total of NOK three billion, which means municipalities can build 1,500 new spaces. Kerkol told TV2.

“Golden Food Moments”

FRP will spend NOK 600 million to strengthen staff in caring for the elderly, and NOK 250 million for better meals in nursing homes – what they themselves refer to as “golden meal times”.

– Many elderly people suffer from malnutrition. Food plays a very important role in a care center. The quality has to improve, it has to look good on the plate, it has to smell good. Hogsrud says hunger is health.

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The Munnetra Party will also shake off the old age ombudsman who was abolished by the present government.

3,000 waiting: 3,000 people have been admitted to a nursing home but are waiting to be admitted to a nursing home. Photo: Frank May / NTP
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Dementia outbreak

Hogsrud believes we are facing a crisis in caring for the elderly.

– We receive crisis notifications from municipality after municipality. They are struggling without employees. Hogsroot says 3,000 seniors have decided to get a place in a nursing home but have not been given a place.

The increasing number of dementia patients in particular will be a major challenge. Today there are approximately 100,000 people living with dementia in Norway. According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, by 2050, this number is expected to double.

– 85-90 percent of people who develop dementia need institutional care within three years of the first symptoms, says Hogsrud.

– Now it begins – Now the great generations come. And we’re also seeing dementia in younger people.

Guardian for family member:- Totally bingo

Guardian for family member:- Totally bingo

13,000 seats

– But after this, when the problem is that you don’t get enough people, does throwing more money help?

– One of the problems with nursing care workers today is that the profession is very difficult. Basic staffing is so low that you run from bed to bed without feeling like you are doing a good job. People who work in these services can come home and feel like they’ve had a meaningful day at work. That’s why core employees need to step up, says Hogsrud.

Norway estimates that 13,000 new places will need to be created by 2030 to maintain current care for the elderly.

– An extra billion won’t be enough, but we have to start. Demand is going to explode, says Hogsrud.

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