Many Norwegians are concerned about their finances

Many Norwegians are concerned about their finances

In a new survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of Santander Bank in September, it is clear that the financial situation and consumption of Norwegians have changed recently. As many as 46% say they feel somewhat stressed about their finances.

Many Oslo residents are nervous

Oslo is higher than the national average. Here, one in four people are very or very stressed about their finances, and it’s those under 40 who have the most concerns. At the same time, many people are more interested in saving than before.

There is no doubt that many people are suffering from more financial hardship than before, and this naturally worries many people. However, many people seem to be good at adapting their consumption and making sensible choices. The number of people requesting interest-free payments is stable among our customers, and below the level seen during the pandemic. Meanwhile, our customers’ deposits have increased by 16 percent in the Nordics since the new year, says Eskil Pedersen, Nordic communications director at Santander Bank.

Reduces consumption

The survey shows, among other things, that seven out of ten have reduced their consumption. Of these, nearly three in ten responded that they are buying less food than before, and half said that they are also buying cheaper food. 13 percent reduced their visits to the dentist, 20 percent reduced their visits to hairdressers, while 40 percent said they reduced purchasing clothes. Only six percent said they had increased their use of credit cards.

– Increasing the use of credit cards when the salary is not enough is not a good or permanent solution, says Pedersen.

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