Jan Thomas, Shall We Dance?

Jan Thomas, Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance’s fall season is in full swing, and the broadcasts have been well received by the audience and eager fans. Naturally, the participants’ close friends, families and girlfriends also appeared on many of the radio programmes.

Among them are Harlem’s girlfriend Alexander (35 years old) and the famous fashion designer Jean Thomas (56 years old). He has also secured a permanent spot at Fornebue Hall every Saturday.

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But during last week’s broadcast, it was too much for Jan Thomas, who had to flee the room during a news break.

I ran away from the fans

Although Jan Thomas is not involved this season, he can tell Nettavisen that there has been a lot of interest around him in recent Saturdays.

When there is a break in the news and sports program “Shal vi danse” on TV 2, there are many audience members in the hall who take the opportunity to take some personal photos and unique encounters with the celebrity participants.

But Jan Thomas faces the same pressure as the participants – if not more:

– It’s going to be a little bit of a drag. Now I have been working in Norway since 2001, and this attraction is still there, says the famous fashion designer to Nettavisen about fan requests.

The 56-year-old was swamped by a legion of excited fans who wanted a photo with the celebrity hairdresser, prompting him to take action.

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He has now entered into an agreement with TV 2 whereby he can remain in a closed room during the newscast.

-I will be allowed to withdraw with the production during the break. “I thought it was very nice,” he says.

Furthermore, Jan Thomas says he has discovered a huge advantage in staying in the break room. There is loads of chocolate, and he eats it well.

Uses savings on votes

Despite the crowds’ flight and “clouds”, Jean Thomas confirms that he greatly appreciates those who have followed him for years.

– What would I do without this step? So I take those pictures, and I stand there so everyone gets theirs. I just think it’s cute. “I really don’t want to complain,” he says modestly.

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Jan Thomas himself took part in the dance competition in 2009. He previously admitted to Nettavisen that “Shall We Dance” was not a fun experience, and that the tension before the broadcast made it difficult for him to enjoy the dancing adventure.

Now her friend is the one rocking it on the dance floor, and there’s no doubt that Jan Thomas is proud of her boyfriend’s dancing skills. From the first episode, he was confident that Alexander would reach the final.

– My beloved Harlem will be in the final, as he claims.

– How much money did you spend voting for Harlem?

– a lot of money. It’s five crowns per vote, and I’ll start as soon as I arrive. I will do this so that it will not be possible to vote. Maybe one sound per minute, he reveals.

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But he did not calculate the total amount he spent on votes.

-It is worth spending your savings on. It’s important because Harlem is incredibly talented, so a lot of people think he’ll make it anyway. But you have to vote, says Jan Thomas.

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