Marcus Voss appeared on crutches

Marcus Voss appeared on crutches

On Tuesday evening, large portions of Norwegian celebrities showed up at Villa Heftye in Oslo, on the occasion of ELLE’s big summer party. The party has been running for a number of years, and every year it’s a star-studded party.

Perilous Prison: – It was horrific

This year, the artist Dani (32nd), Victoria Nadine (24th), Emma Steinbakken (20th), Axel Boyum (28th) and Bianca Ingrosso (28th), among others, participated.

Damely Tone, 35, and boyfriend Marcus Voss, 40, were among the self-described guests. Damli and Foss both dressed up for the occasion, but the latter wore some accessories that didn’t belong on the norm.

Tone Damli has shared a number of celebrity heists on her “Robbery with Tone” podcast, but some guests made her more nervous than others. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Nora Skafog
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Voss wore a matching black leather T-shirt and shorts, with a white T-shirt underneath. One of his legs was carrying a cast boot, and he also had crutches with him. In other words, his foot is so damaged that he needs a little extra help.

Plaster shoes: Marcus Voss' shoes were a little different than usual.  Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se og Hør

Plaster shoes: Marcus Voss’ shoes were a little different than usual. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se og Hør
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– This year, Marcus injured himself. Last year I was on crutches, and this year it is, Damle explained to Se og Hør, without going into any more concrete details about how the injury happened.

– It was a better deal for me because then he could carry the bags while I was limping from behind. This year, I seat belts. I smiled but we’ll make it too.

- You will never propose

– You will never propose

– A bad time

As Damley herself knows, last summer it was she who wandered around on crutches. At the time, she shared a photo of herself in a wheelchair on Instagram. In a short letter to Se og Hør, she wrote:

Tone Damli visited Motepolitiet Live with Jan Thomas and revealed one thing that manager David Eriksen decided on. Video: Jenny Emily Ace/Harvard Bjornrum/Dennis Abelung/Cug Hour.
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“It happened when I was going to go boating with Marlon in my arms, so I climbed first on the seat and then on the door where it had landed wrong, and I stomped on it really hard.”

The next day the family was going on vacation to Italy. Damley explained at the time that they were a solution-oriented group, so everything went painless — if you ignore the pain in the foot, of course.

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