You don’t get to see this every time we meet

You don’t get to see this every time we meet

Christian Christensen (30) He first became known to the Norwegian people when he took part in the TV2 talent show ‘The Voice’. Since then, he has enjoyed a successful career, captivating audiences with melodies that are both subtle and melodious.

This has led to the 30-year-old being one of seven artists to be honored in the current season of ‘Hver gang vi møtes’.

So far he has admired the innovative interpretations of both Bjorn Eidsvags (68) “Show”, Freddy Callas (32) “Sign of Summer” and Ingebjørg Bratlands (32) “Brother.” Caroline Kruger (52)And Isaac (24) And Emma Steinbacken (19) He also participates in this season.

Last Saturday was Christensen’s turn at the bonfire, and as a guest star he chose to be open and vulnerable.

Every time we meet her: The content removed from his episode was directed by Bjørn Eidsvåg. Reporter: Kathryn Bielke / Selina Morkin. Video: TV 2
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– It was very intense

The 30-year-old spoke of a childhood marked by bullying and loneliness. In addition, he has been open about what it feels like to lose his mother at a young age.

previously said red carpet That before recording, he aspired not to cry on television. However, he admits it was “stupid” to look back.

However, feelings became strong when he talked about his mother.

– It was very intense. You sit around all day and talk about your life. It will be very close and somewhat magical.

Bjorn Eidsvag broke down in tears when he had to tell Christensen he wanted to perform “Du ga mæ williestørke”. He had already understood that the song was about the 30-year-old’s mother.

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– I was really touched, Eidsvåg said in the episode.

Every time we meet her: Many share in tears when Christian Christensen tells about the death of a close family member. Video: TV2: Correspondent: Katrin Bielke. Video: Selena Morkin
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Desire to shed light on mental health

However, in the emotional and frank episode, there is one session viewers haven’t gotten to see. TV2 did not include Christensen’s statements about the time she struggled with mental health problems and what it was like dealing with depersonalization, a form of schizoaffective disorder. Writes The newspaper online.

– I was suffering from some kind of mental condition and I dug a little deeper and wanted to shed light on this. But Christensen tells the paper there was no place for that in the programme.

TV 2’s director of press, Jan-Peter Dahl, told Dagbladet that the segment had not been “cut”, but that there was a lot that was “cut” from the programme.

Every time we meet her: Emma Steinbacken interprets Bjorn Eidswag’s The River. Video: TV 2.
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– Several hours of television will become the final minutes. He adds that there is editorial evaluation from time to time on what will be included in the final program.

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