Many take the PCR test unnecessarily

Only those who have tested positive with a rapid test and those who will test themselves for entry should request a PCR test. Anyone else should run quick tests.

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The test stations in Stavanger municipality are currently undergoing a huge amount of work. This means that there is now more than a one-day waiting time for the PCR test. According to the chief infection control physician, Ronar Johansen, a lot of people are getting PCR tests.

Only those who test positive for rapid testing, and those who will self-test for entry, must order a PCR test now. He says everyone else should do a quick test themselves.

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Will be more self-test in the future

The testing station tests that entire families come in for PCR tests because one family member tested positive for the rapid tests. It’s not necessary, according to the infection control official.

There will be more self-tests with the rapid test in the future, and less PCR testing. The municipality of Stavanger is good at running rapid tests for distribution, so take a quick test and register on the municipality’s website if you are positive. Then you can order PCR.

If you are negative, feel free to take a couple of quick tests for the following days. But don’t order a PCR test for safety if the test result isn’t positive, he says.

Rapid tests are good enough

According to the infection control official, rapid tests are good enough to find positive tests during the contagious period.

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Read the instructions carefully, and make sure the test stick is long enough in the nose, he says.

Quick tests can either be downloaded Municipal Distribution Points Or purchased from pharmacies or other outlets. Tests must be CE marked.

Close contacts of infected people and those who have developed new symptoms should be closely tested. The Norwegian Directorate of Health has announced that self-testing with a rapid test may mean that the quarantine will end in a few weeks.


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