Marketing unhealthy foods and drinks to children: Misinformation destroys

Marketing unhealthy foods and drinks to children: Misinformation destroys
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The Secretary General of the National Association for Public Health, Mina Gerhardsen, claimed in a debate in Aftenposten that the Professional Committee for Food Industries (MFU) does not work.

It is claimed that the industry itself decides complaints, that the scheme is outdated, that hardly anything is being discontinued, that it only applies to children under 13 and that packaging, store storage and social media are exempt. everything is wrong. Regulations were raised as a solution.

MFU has representatives with or without industry affiliation. Oh Complaining is easy. MFU cured approx. 300 complaints, nearly 100 decisions, more than half of convictions. in over 140 Preliminary assessments A lot of unsolicited marketing is avoided. Most of the actors adapt.

Many decisions relate to packaging and store placement. Encapsulation in and of itself may be prohibitive or leave less room for other means of action. Careless marketing for up to 16 years and all marketing up to 13 years old is prohibited. Oftentimes, marketing aimed at children under the age of 16 is also considered directed at those under the age of 13.

The scheme is developed regularly, including a maximum age of 16 and a special regulation of cinemas and social media. Fast Candy has recently been criticized for its marketing on Tiktok. Complaints have been filed against several people who are active on social media.

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Marketing is organized in Marketing law with Separate chapter for children, applicable in MFU cases and more. MFU practice provides a basis for general enforcement. Violations of the MFU rules are often breaches of legislation and can be punished. Punishing those who do not follow the MFU’s decision will be effective and send an important signal. This way the authorities can take responsibility.

The Norwegian Consumer Protection Agency has several supervisors and has The actors behind Oscar Westerlin’s chocolates are notified of a crime And yet MFU fall In conversation with Fast Candy.

General practice sparing is not due to a lack of grammar, but is assumed to be due to resources. More rules don’t change that.

New regulations can give the impression of work, but become a “sleeping pillow” without the desired effect. MFU will be discontinued and others should be given the resources to handle at least the same number of cases as MFU, without supporting the practice of MFU. This will quickly lead to less real industry following. Neither this discussion nor the evaluation of measures should be ignored.

On behalf of the MFU Board of Directors, Martin Bergren-Rove, Chairman

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