Tex refuses instructions from the royal house

Tex refuses instructions from the royal house

Thursday this week revealed See and hear That artist Andreas Hoeklind (30), better known as Tex, made the song The Russian Bus for Princess Ingrid Alexandra (19).

The song came out last Friday night, and it’s called “Studio 23,” like the Russian princess bus.

“I’m always the one having sex. Always at a party I’m the one having sex. Everybody knows what happens when the drink goes down, I’m always the one having sex, but I don’t give a damn”, Haukeland can be heard singing in the song.

Secret collaboration released

In the Russian context, Haukeland is best known for songs such as “The Sheik” and “Versace”, and has often received attention for its vulgar lyrics.

In recent years, the artist has withdrawn from the Russian genre, but is making a comeback with the song “Studio 23” by Russian Princess Gang.

Reverse See and hear He says it’s time to compose a new Russian song now.

– There is nothing I love better than Russian time, so this year I took the time to make it happen.

This is the artist’s only Russian song this year, but he’s open to the possibility of more to come.

Thomas on breakups, millionaires and bankruptcy

Thomas on breakups, millionaires and bankruptcy

He also says that he did not receive any instructions from the royal family regarding the song.

– No, and as a matter of principle, no one other than a Russian can give me instructions on Russian songs, the 30-year-old explains to Se og Hør, and adds:

Mysterious lady: Andreas “Tix” Haukeland was in Barcelona recently, and observant followers noticed a mysterious brunette hanging out with “Tix”. We asked of course. Video: Red Runner
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– Russetida for the Russians. But they had no reason to stress – I guess I know pretty well what I’m doing, and I’ve created something the girls think is cool. I value trust.

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According to Haukeland Finansavisen Earning millions from his Russian songs. It is not known what he earned from this particular song.

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