Marna Haugen opens up: – She’s not ready for a boyfriend

Marna Haugen opens up: - She's not ready for a boyfriend

In December last year, Se og Hør could reveal Marna Haugen, 41, and Orjan Boroy, 48, have chosen to go their separate ways. After 18 years as lovers, and ten years as a married couple.

A few months after the divorce, Haugen hosted NRK radio show “Ukeslutt,” where she opened up about her single life. There she told that she was ready to date, but It wasn’t easy just plunging into uncharted waters.

Now, Se og Hør picked up the string to hear what Haugen is up to, not least about how dating things are going.

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Do not close any doors

Although Haugen has so far remained single after the split, she does not hide the fact that she has been actively dating for the past year.

– There were few appointments, so I have to make up for the effort, as you say, and continue:

– I am very open and do not sit at home and cross my arms, so to speak. I go out and greet people and take care of myself. Then we’ll see if someone new will come into my life.

When asked if the 41-year-old had someone special in her sights during the day, she replied:

Revealed: Marna Hogan and Organ Borough have been lovers for 18 years, and have been married for ten.  In December 2021, there was news that they had separated.  Here they are together

Revealed: Marna Hogan and Organ Borough have been lovers for 18 years, and have been married for ten. In December 2021, there was news that they had separated. Here they are together at ‘Golroten’ in Bergen in 2018. Photo: Berit Roald/NTB
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– Now I focus a lot on work. So no, there’s nothing special about seeing me now, but even though I don’t prioritize dating, I don’t close any doors either.

However, it is not on the offers for Haugen, who admits that there have been up to several people who have asked her out on a date.

– Maybe I can date if I want to. But this is also a year in which I have to find myself, because there is a bit of a delay. I’d rather see it would be interesting to see what happens.

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– Not ready for a boyfriend

Haugen tells Se og Hør that dating hasn’t always been easy. When she initially had to get used to the single life, she struggled to get out on her first date.

– There are many people around me who are in the same situation. I see that a lot of women find it very difficult to go on a first date, and it does for me, too, she says, continuing:

– I think you just have to think that you shouldn’t marry this person, get the creepy thing out of the way and think “Now we’re having a good time.” It’s actually legal, so there are no obligations to go on a date.

However, she does not rule out that there will be more dating in the new year.

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– Yes, it can happen. It’s very dark and sad now. November and December is when people usually find a boyfriend, but I don’t think I’m ready for a boyfriend.

When the 41-year-old is asked what is important to her in a future partner, she keeps her cards close to her chest.

– I dare not go into it. I have a long list to go with it, a long wish list, she laughs.

– So no one accomplished what you have on the list?

No, but this is something that changes every day. I’m learning a little bit all the time, and I guess I’m not quite ready either. But I have to think positively, suddenly it happens, she admits.

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