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– I understand I might be shooting myself in the foot with this post, and so I want to start by making it very clear that it’s not about me that Spellemann won’t win in the Vise/Visepop category.

This is how Marthe Valle starts a Facebook post in the “Industry talk” group. In the post, she is highly critical of how the Spelman Prize was awarded.

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Nominated in the “Pop Shows & Songs” category with Tunisia, Daniela Reyes and Eva Will Schramm.

But instead of being awarded at the same time at a grand ceremony in Oslo, the award was awarded on radio on Monday afternoon.

Valley wrote that she received an email early Monday that she had to turn up on the radio at 4 a.m., because then the prize would be awarded in her category.

– Everyone should be equally important that night

This experience compares to the way it was last nominated, nearly 20 years ago. Then all the awards were delivered on the same night.

It was an honor and a reverence, and if all classes were not equally exciting to all, it was a matter of absurd principle that they were at least as important on this particular evening, as you write.

Before being told that not all awards would be awarded on the same night, she had purchased tickets for the distribution. But now she doubts whether she will ever go there, as it appears that only most commercial prizes will be awarded.

– Yes, I know I sound like a bitter and bitter bastard, but this is another step that indicates that the breadth of musical life in Norway is less important.

Valli confirms at the beginning of the post that she thinks it’s very cool to be nominated, and congratulates Ton on the award.

– Congratulations to Tunisia, and it was great to be nominated, a great honor for professionals and colleagues, thank you!

Tønes won Spellemann in the Show / Show pop . category

Tønes won Spellemann in the “Shows & Pop Songs” category during a radio broadcast on P1.

Photo: Odin Umland/NRK

At the time of writing, the post has received nearly 400 likes. In addition, many expressed support in the comments section.

In a letter to NRK, Vale wrote that she did not want to comment beyond what is in the post.

– Each category will give more attention

Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg, Spellemann’s press contact, understands some of Valle’s frustration, but disagrees with the criticism.

The fact that you’re not handing out all the trophies in the same place at the same time, is a bit of a departure from how Spellemann solved in the years before the pandemic. And I understand it could do something with the filtering experience, Valley wrote. But I do not agree that interest in all 28 prizes to be awarded will be less, he says.

Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg

Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg, press contact at Spellemann.

Photo: Einasr Aslaksen / Powder Agency

Here he uses Tønes as an example, where he gets a lot of time on the radio, his own case at Dagsrevyen which he won in his category, as well as his award being given which is shown Friday night on NRK 1.

– It was the same last year as well, where they presented their own issues in the different categories that were awarded in Game Week.

It is believed that the prizes that will be awarded before distribution on Friday will receive more attention now, at the same time that they will receive attention during the television broadcast on Friday.

There is something he thinks is a better alternative than giving all the awards at the same time and thus has received so little time and attention.

In previous years, a few prices were shown in good airtime on NRK 1 and the remaining prices were shown in a digest or on another NRK channel or network.

This year, as last year, the intro, nominees, awards and thank you letters in all categories will be shown in full on NRK 1 on April 22.

– Some may get a little better airtime, but when you have to hand out 28 prizes, they can’t be distributed to everyone at the same time. But everyone should be getting attention on Friday, too.

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