Masakurama from NRK: Guess who – here are all the hints! (2022) – VG

Masakurama from NRK: Guess who - here are all the hints!  (2022) - VG

The biggest guessing game of the year is taking place now. All the hints that come during the season are collected here.


The first broadcast of the wild fashion show has been cancelled. At this year’s season premiere, “Hytta” had to show her face.

It turned out to be the world champion in rowing, Birgit Skarsten. But seven characters are still engaged in the dance.

VG has collected all the clues and hints that have arrived so far.

You can also participate in the guessing game by submitting your tips in VGs “Prophet of Maskurama”.

This is what we learned.


  • He has an oriental accent
  • Located on a farm in a fjord landscape
  • Laban is tall, probably three heads taller than Selge Nordennis, whose height is 167 centimeters
  • good singing voice
  • The judges speculated whether the “wound” could be an image of love’s grief

Hints from the zombie himself:

– I was bitten that day, and I got a wound that didn’t heal.

– I’m just myself, and I’ve been that way all along.

Songs sung by Zombien:

“Someone you love” – ​​Queen


  • singer
  • Live in the depths of the forest
  • She maintains that “Huldra” is better than hiding away.
  • A young man’s voice according to the investigation committee
  • I thought the painting was acting like an actor

Hints from Huldra herself:

– I shine. This cannot be hidden away.

– Although I’ve never won anything before, I’m here to make my mark in the competition. And I will do what I love most, which is to have fun.

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Songs sung by Huldra:

“Queen of the Night” – Kelly Clarkson / Whitney Houston


  • Performs in a fjord landscape in the introduction video
  • Then he goes to the recording studio
  • In the next scene, we see newspapers scattered
  • Bergen dialect
  • He replied with “No comment” after the performance
  • The detective committee indicated that “Froya” has a background in television, music or film

Hints from Frøya herself:

Years ago I would hear my call when something was ready to celebrate.

I am happy to help when the joy is shared. When someone appears to us for the first time, or the last time, I am by their side. The ones we don’t want to lose.

Everything you see on TV and read about in the newspapers is embellished, at least a little.

Songs sung by Frøya:

“Castle” – Halsey

Snow Robot

  • Live in a homemade facility. A kind of cold storage that keeps cool all year round
  • It has baby dolls and Donald characters in the house, plus pillows and sewing machines
  • Lots of wires and ammeters inside the warehouse
  • The detective committee thought of a woman’s voice

Hints from Snow Robot himself:

Half a snowman, half a robot, and all myself.

– I wasn’t actually older than my age now. But I’m still young in my heart.

– I’ve been myself for as long as I can remember. And maybe longer than you remember.

Songs sung by Snow Robot:

“I can’t stop this feeling” – Justin Timberlake


  • Tronder speaks in the intro video.
  • Pictures of people skateboarding in the intro video
  • He wears a hat, carpenter’s pants, and an ear ring
  • Sports type according to the investigation committee
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Hints from Rabagasten himself:

Indifferent, free-spirited, by the grace of boldness. This is according to someone, not according to me.

If you don’t allow yourself a little fun on the way, there won’t be much on the way, if you ask me.

– I like to do things my way, and it has worked for me.

Songs sung by Rabagastane:

“Fireball” – pitbull

The Cabin – Birgit Skarsten

  • He speaks with a different inner accent in the intro video
  • Stand up to board games
  • Located in a residential area with garden and gate

Hints from the cabin itself:

We forget big parts of the year, but sometimes during the year we are the most important of all. Small and large meeting point.

Songs sung by Hita:

“Come” – Dagny


  • It takes place in what looks like a theater room
  • In the intro video, a chewing toy is raised in front of a dog statue
  • ready to help
  • He has a bright childlike voice in the intro video, but his voice is dark and strong when the person sings
  • speaks oriental
  • Busy help
  • Waving a compass in the intro video

Hints from Dandy himself:

– Don’t you know who I am? What do you think it comes from? We can’t get it like that.

– See if you can find it. Take good care of her (the compass) and yourself.

Songs sung by Dandy:

“Mini the Mosher” – Cap Calloway

the wolf

  • live in the jungle
  • a little apple pie
  • He walks in a kind of waistcoat with a cloak

Hints from the wolf himself:

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– I’ve gone for a walk a few times, but for some reason that’s what people remember.

The songs the wolf sang:

“Something Like That” – Coldplay, Chainsmokers

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