May 28, 2023


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May 17, Drone |  police:

May 17, Drone | police:

Norway’s National Day is being celebrated for the first time in three years without any coronary restrictions to consider.

It is set for children’s trains, Russian celebrations and speeches. While it may be tempting to take pictures of the party with the help of drone technology, police issued a strong warning Monday night.

– We would like to remind you that it is not permissible to fly a drone in the center of Oslo without an exemption. The police wrote on Twitter on Monday evening, that illegal flying by a drone can be punished with fines of up to 12,000 kroner and possible confiscation of the drone.

The ban does not apply only today. The Oslo Police District confirms that drones are never allowed to fly in the no-fly zone in central Oslo.

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Certified drone pilots can get an exemption, but they must apply for it. This is regulated by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority. Those interested in exceptions should familiarize themselves with the rules, says Ron Heckelstrand.

This involves a comprehensive review of the regulations and application processes.

There are only a few professional drone pilots with a system, says Ron Heckelstrand.

But in general, people are good at complying with the rules.

– There may be cases where we see unidentified drones inside a no-fly zone.

– Did you want to emphasize this year the war in Ukraine?

– I don’t want to go into detail about the evaluations that were made. This ban is in effect throughout the year, and is specified each time there are large gatherings. This has been the issue of the hour for years.

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