May become Chief Minister tomorrow

May become Chief Minister tomorrow

Erna Solberg (H) has not ruled out becoming Norway’s prime minister tomorrow.

Other parties in the Storting want her and her husband to come back to the Prime Minister’s residence.

In Norwegian politics, it is customary for opposition parties to nominate a candidate for prime minister who is ready to take over the country in the event of a political crisis.

Erna Solberg won’t say whether she believes herself to be the prime ministerial candidate for the capitalist side at the moment.

– I think this is a hypothetical discussion. He tells Dogbladet that I still don’t have the majority to be Prime Minister.

Solberg insists that a left-wing majority remains in the Storting, and that this majority points to Jonas Kahr Storting as prime minister in the current Storting term.

It has happened before

However, political crises may arise. In 1963, the King’s Bay crisis resulted in a short-lived Gerhardtsen government. Then Conservative Party leader John Lyng had to run the country on borrowed time. His government was overthrown three weeks later.

In 1990, the Syse government resigned as a result of the EEA case, despite having a majority in the Storting.

Hypothetically, something like this could happen again at any time: the king can Call Erna Solberg and ask him to form a government anytime.

Questions about energy, foreign cables and EU integration, for example, are issues that political commentators believe will end up in Støre’s Center Party leaving the government before the election.

– Solberg says that if such a crisis occurs, there should be a discussion between the parties that support such a government at that time.

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Sylvie, up to Kuri and Olag

He says it is up to the other parties, such as Frp, Venstre and KrF, to decide whether they think he and Sindre Finns deserve to visit the Prime Minister’s House.

In that case, voters cannot have their say.

– In that case, it is up to the supporting parties to decide whether I should lead such an alternative government. Solberg says it is up to the parties to assess whether there is a basis for that.

The right-wing leader tells Dagbladet that if Økokrim brings insider trading allegations against her or her husband, she cannot hold office as party leader.

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