Maybe ChatGPT is coming to iPhone

Maybe ChatGPT is coming to iPhone

Apple has reached an agreement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT on the iPhone. This is what Bloomberg revealed.

The agreement should be virtually sealed

The two companies are working out the final details of the agreement that will bring ChatGPT features to iOS 18, while it has already been revealed that Apple is making its own AI servers with proprietary chips. These servers will also power AI functionality in the fall in new operating systems, plus much of the processing will be done locally on the devices. At the same time, Apple is in talks with OpenAI and Microsoft competitor Google about the possibility of chatbot Gemini becoming part of iOS 18. Those talks have not progressed much.

Bloomberg reported in April that discussions with OpenAI had intensified. However, there is no guarantee that the deal will be announced immediately.

Mark Jorma, Julia Love, Bloomberg

Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly spoken about how important artificial intelligence is, and that the company has a unique opportunity to bring something new to customers thanks to full control over the ecosystem. Cook has admitted that he uses ChatGPT, but said last year that a number of issues needed to be resolved first. This can also be taken as a hint.

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