McDonald’s: – Your favorite burger is coming to Norway

McDonald's: - Your favorite burger is coming to Norway

Earlier this year, McDonald’s in Denmark took into account the wishes of customers and launched one New type of burger With a very small upgrade:

On top of the regular burger were three balls filled with cheese, called chili cheese tops.

– This is a burger made by our guests. That’s why it’s great to put it on the list, says Christina Johansen, McDonald’s Director of Communications in Norway, in a press release.

“We hope the Cheese Tops Burger will be as popular in Norway as it is in Denmark,” she explains.

Norwegian burger plans rejected

When news broke in April that Cheese Tops Burgers had appeared on Danish McD’s menus, feedback didn’t wait long.

Within a few hours, as many as 6,000 people took to the comments section to express their opinions about the new burger, Danish online newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported.

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Speak in April daily newspaper With McDonald’s Director of Communications in Norway, Veronica Skajstad.

Then the message was that they had no plans to display it in Norway.

-You can make your own version, if you wish, by ordering Chili Cheese Tops and putting them on top of the classic burger yourself, was the suggestion from Skagestad.

Standard demand height

Now the tube has a different sound. Kristina Johansen says she is excited about the Norwegian reception.

– Burgers have become very popular in Denmark, with record high demand. Johansen says in the press release that it would have been fun if she had been successful in Norway.

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At the same time, do not dare to predict the same tendencies that were seen in Denmark.

It will be interesting to see if Norwegians are as enthusiastic about cheesetops as the Danes, she says.

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