February 3, 2023


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Meghan Markle had to hand over her passport

Meghan Markle had to hand over her passport

Duchess Meghan (41) She is currently honoring her first solo magazine cover since she and Her husband, Prince Harry, has retreated One of her royal duties in 2020.

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In the latest issue of New York Magazine shearing She gave a rare but fascinating interview, where she talks about when she became part of the British royal family.

When Meghan married Prince Harry (37) in 2018, she earned the title of Duchess through the purchase. She had to leave her previous professional title behind.

Before the 41-year-old married the prince, she was an actress and could, among other things, appear in a relatively prominent role in the drama series “Suits”.

So she was a very familiar face, and was a huge hit on Instagram, where she had three million followers. She also runs her own lifestyle blog, crown.

He appears: In the trailer for Prince Harry’s new mental health documentary series, This Is Me You Can’t See, Meghan and Archie appear. Video: Apple +
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However, in an interview with The Cut, it turns out that she had to relinquish control of both systems when she became engaged to Prince Harry.

In addition, she had to give up her passport and the freedom to open her emails.

Client: Things didn’t quite go according to plan when Meghan Markle was presenting a trophy to Prince Harry and his teammates. Video: Red Card / Bamboo.
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– It was a huge upheaval – a massive revolution to move from that kind of independence to a completely different life, the Duchess admits.

Furthermore, she had to join her husband Prince William and Duchess Kate on a pre-existing Instagram account, called Kensington Royal, which she had no control over.