Menopause – Rod Stewart on menopause for his wife:

Menopause - Rod Stewart on menopause for his wife:

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– It was terrifying. Suddenly she wasn’t the same person she married, says Rod Stewart, 76, when his wife, Penny Lancaster, 50, entered menopause.

It was on the British talk show “Loose Woman” Stewart and his wife, Penny Lancaster, talked about the challenges they had to face.

While the coronavirus was raging at its worst and the whole world was on lockdown, Lancaster would have experienced that time at home would be very heavy. She had the first symptoms of menopause. Body temperature went up and down. I alternated between sweating and freezing. Additionally, she experienced mood swings and weight gain.

– I just had to listen

On the TV show, she said she got to the point where one tough day ended with her throwing dinner in the kitchen.

– I just screamed and burst into tears. The boys came and hugged me. “Mom should get some time now,” said Rudd, “says Lancaster.

Ulrika Hagerstrand (50) for many years had a single-section pouch in her stomach, without getting help.
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Stewart googled and read everything he could find about menopause in order to better support his wife.

– She was in such a fragile situation. I just had to listen and learn and be prepared to deal with pans that could fly into the kitchen, he says.

Open about hormonal changes

– Rod and I have a very close relationship and are open to everything. I used to be upfront with him about how I was feeling in the time before I had my period. If I get frustrated or bored, I say, “Honey, give me some time alone today, I’m on that period of the month,” Lancaster says.

She has also been open to her family about the hormonal changes she experienced as she entered menopause and says she has received good support and understanding from both her husband and their two sons, Alistair (15) and Aiden (10).

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