Meta fined $1 billion by the European Union – E24

Meta fined $1 billion by the European Union – E24

Meta was fined €390 million for breaching EU privacy laws. Mita refuses the decision.

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, which is owned by Meta Corporation where he serves as CEO.

The US company Meta, which is led by Mark Zuckerberg, has three months to ensure that the processing of personal data used to personalize ads for users on Instagram and Facebook complies with EU regulations.

This was stated by the Irish Data Protection Authority in a letter on Wednesday.

According to the Irish data protection authority, called the EU Privacy Watchdog, Meta breached the EU’s privacy rules, the GDPR. The Company must not have fulfilled its duty of transparency, and must have used the wrong legal basis in processing Personal Data for marketing use.

The watchdog imposed a fine of 210 million euros on Facebook and a fine of 180 million euros on Instagram. This equates to €390m in fines for parent company Meta – around NOK 4.1bn.

meta as follows bloomberg Strongly disagrees with the ruling and states that the company plans to appeal.

These decisions do not prevent targeted or personalized advertising on our platform. Decisions relate solely to the legal basis used by Meta when serving certain advertisements, as Meta states in an email.

The Wall Street Journal writes that a court case could take years, but if the decisions are upheld, it could mean Meta would have to allow users to opt out of ads based on how individual users interact with their own apps — which could hurt one. Of her primary business, she wrote the newspaper.

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This is not the first time that the European Union has fined US companies for violating the General Data Protection Regulation. Tech giant Amazon has been fined 746 million euros by Luxembourgish authorities.

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