Film Review: “Operation Fortune: Ross D. Guerre”

Film Review: “Operation Fortune: Ross D. Guerre”

Action comedy


Guy Ritchie


Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza, Hugh Grant, Josh Hartnett, Cary Elwes, Bogie Malone

Premiere date:

January 6, 2023

age limit:

15 years

«Star director Guy Ritchie lost it.»

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But in recent years, the quality of Richie’s stories has ended up miles away from the cult films “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” which made him famous. Now he’s out with a new movie, and the gutsy fox has completely run out of ideas. An incredibly thin script with a ton of clichés makes “Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre” yet another movie about a gang saving the world from collapse. Don’t get more Americans.

Expensive wine therapy

Ritchie chose Jason Statham, his most trusted actor, in the lead role. Statham is Orson Fortune, a top British agent with luxurious habits that only the richest of us can afford. He must be “treated” with expensive wine to escape the trauma, “rehabilitated” in the Maldives after each mission, and flown in a private jet because he supposedly fears driving. Orson Welles costs the Secret Service a fortune, but he’s also the best guy they have for keeping the Britons safe.

A research project, simply called “The Gadget”, has been stolen from a high-security laboratory. No one knows what this “tool” does, or who took it, but when world peace feels threatened, a reluctant Orson Welles must be called out of so-called rehab. On the team he has IT technician Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), Private JJ (Bosie Malone), and Nathan (Carrie Elvoes), who leads the operation itself.

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Trails lead the group to eccentric arms dealer Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant). Simmonds is a huge fan of movie star Danny Francesco played by Josh Hartnett, and there was nothing better than having him as a sidekick. So Orson Welles and his cohorts pushed Francesco to play his biggest role ever; being a human Trojan horse so that agents could get close to Simmonds to find the “gadget”.

a surprise

For a long time, Richie’s been good at following up theatrics with surprises in store, often led by original characters. In “Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre” there are few surprises, no memorable characters and a story full of cliché types. The back-and-forth cut has always been a trademark of Ritchie’s, and the few times you see it here, it feels completely unnecessary. The only thing surprising is the amazing lack of slim-fitting ladies. With that, the list of cliches was filled.

Jason Statham plays as ever; With “single lines” so icy he seems cynically harmless. Hugh Grant is perhaps the only character who adds real conversational humor to the film, but the intimacy between him and Hartnett never runs so deep that you really love him too. Otherwise, the rest of the role gallery is overly cartoonish, and it becomes all too easy to tell the bad from the kind.


Fortunately, the motion direction is better than the rest of the movie content. Statham’s stone face works well with his stiff fists, and with gangster racing at pure “Fast and the Furious” speed.

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However – it is questionable whether one can bear to watch a movie of which there is already a lot on Netflix. Because even Guy Ritchie fans would feel cheated, and it’s fair to feel that the director might have been a “double hit.” Or you can ask him to lock himself in a room, and not be allowed outside until he can hatch a proper story. Because that was tame!

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