Guitarist Duran Duran with health update: – Asymptomatic

Guitarist Duran Duran with health update: – Asymptomatic

And in November last year it became known that former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor, 62, had stage IV prostate cancer. The band’s vocalist, Simon Le Bon, 64, announced from the stage.

Taylor previously spoke candidly about the serious cancer in an interview with the people. He said at the time, among other things, that he felt pain while jogging, but he convinced himself that it was nothing. Then note two lumps in the lymph nodes.

- Sentenced to death

– Sentenced to death

The 62-year-old was told his cancer diagnosis was incurable and he himself described it as a “death sentence”. Since then, a lot has happened in the guitarist’s life, which is now coming with a healthy update.

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After undergoing a series of radiotherapy treatments to defeat the cancerous cells, he now has good news to share.

– I needed palliative treatment, that is, preparation for death. But not anymore. “I am symptom-free,” he says in an interview. times Friday.

She kept her cancer a secret from her daughter

She kept her cancer a secret from her daughter

However, the process was not easy for guitarist Duran Duran. According to The Times, Taylor becomes “radioactive for several days” after treatment, and has to sleep on his own for two weeks.

He still has five rounds of treatment, having had his first session two weeks ago.

In addition, the musician has experienced ups and downs during his illness journey, and tells the newspaper that he was at rock bottom six weeks after his diagnosis, when he understood the consequences of the disease.

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– You have to say goodbye to your family. You will not see your grandchild’s tenth birthday. Psychologically, it’s very stressful, and you can’t go to therapy to remove the certainty of death, says Taylor of the disease.

Regarding Cancer notice: - Keep down to earth

Regarding Cancer notice: – Keep down to earth

Andy Taylor and Duran Duran separated in 2006.

The British group has been on the charts and has been played frequently on the radio since the 1980s. The Birmingham band is known for songs like “Ordinary World” and “Hungry Like the Wolf”.

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