FK Jerv, Brian FK | Jerf became a filler: – I think Brian has another player on the field

FK Jerv, Brian FK |  Jerf became a filler: – I think Brian has another player on the field

Wolverine – Brian 1-3:

Livermere (Netavisen): There was a class difference, and Jerv Overitveit goalkeeper seemed to be alone against the whole of Geren at times.

– Bryne seems to have one more player on the field than Jerv, commentator Direktesport said as the first half hour ended in Grimstad.

In the end Yarboine managed to collect all three points in a 3-1 victory

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In a quick first half, Yerv was second best in most respects, but he wasn’t far from the equaliser. In what was 45 minutes with few chances for elleville Bryne, an advanced goal for the visitors, with a high entertainment factor for the crowd.

In another match, Eric Kiyono had to watch his ship take an early hit to the hull. Miguel Moreira scored his third goal for Brin after nine minutes. Toure Vechny was a little kid in the duel in front of goal against the Portuguese, who sent the visitors ahead at Livermere.

In the first 30 minutes, Jerv was attacked by Bryn. Where only the very good Øystein Øvretveit prevented Bryne from recording numbers two and three.

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First, The Last Chance came victorious from the one-on-one duel against Sieur Jonassen, before Robert Ondheim and Andreas Debevec’s shots slammed into the corner in acrobatic fashion. Then Overitveit denied Axel Krieger with Grimstad’s longest toe, which led to another corner kick after Bryn’s great chance. Even on the second try, Jonassen didn’t manage to knock Superman between the bars.

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On the other hand, Erf advanced in the last ten or twelve minutes of the first half. First, Erlind Hostadt was a shoe size away from beating Mikael Ogland’s perfect calf in the open Bren cage. Then it was Ogland himself who slotted into the wall from a fine position.

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Grimstad’s side had major injury problems this season, and it wasn’t until the team’s home meeting against Bryne that their Arne Sandstø substitute managed to get an away win over Raufoss in his belt.

Whereas Eirik Kjønø’s first move after the break was to put new player Diabate in place of Runar Hauge. The Malian winger became like the rest of the passive crowd after Lars-Erik Soudal’s stellar volley from 12 meters out came after a corner kick. Howl on the half recoil was the first hit for the Vikings mercenary in Brian’s suit.

And so the second half started as the first with another early goal just four minutes later. By then top scorer Moreira was on his own against Overvite. Once again, the 29-year-old emerged victorious from the duel with gloves.

But the last chance was without a chance for Soudal’s shot.

Now Jerv wasn’t so tenacious defensively at all, and Bryne found space where they could hold on no matter where they were on the field. On the hour mark at Livermere, all good things became a hat-trick for Sigur Jonassin, who this time made no mistakes on his own with the goalkeeper.

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The 1,378 people who bought a ticket just seven weeks after Jerf won their final game at home were on the brink of seeing the home team crushed by an aggressive gang of Garpur.

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Jerv will get a cut, and little hope of getting back into the game with 17 minutes left in normal time. Naturally, it was also a player from Brian’s team who scored the last goal. Which set the home team on fire again, against Bryan who did little damage in the first 75 minutes.

However, substitute Bassikou Diabate showed that Raf has once again shown his flair in markets that no one was looking for. The 23-year-old was setting the tone on the right flank, but he certainly didn’t come close to being Jerv’s man of the match. There was one last chance for Øvretveit in the outstanding category.

Bryn produced an impressive away performance four days after Moss were defeated 3-1 at home by Garen. The Reds and Whites could easily have scored twice at Livermere. After a 3–1 defeat at Grimstad, Kevin Knappen’s crew were suddenly just two points behind in the promotion play-off.

Jerv is in freefall under Eirik Kjønø, who gets everything but the start he was hoping for at Grimstad. The 32-year-old remains winless on his new home ground.

The goals flow in the backline, with only Skid scoring more in the Opus League. And so last season’s elite club in the league would suddenly have to look over their shoulder to watch out for the strugglers in the relegation battle.

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