Room to change words | Folk music

Room to change words |  Folk music

What’s inside and what’s not? “…folk music that was traditionally used in Norway, or that was produced in a traditional style” is mentioned in the regulations for the repertoire to be used in the LF and LK. Competition is competition, and recognition will always be key. There is room for interpretations. The Council believes that it is not advisable to set a hard limit.

Because there is a lot of innovation in our environment. Just look at the number of people making hay. We can mention in succession: Per Anders Buen Garnås, Mads Erik Odde, Helge Hysjulien, Roger Slåstuen, Arne Sølvberg, Annbjørg Lien, Rannveig Djønne, Ragnhild Furebotten, and hundreds of others. This has been done for years. Mellargotten and Phil Jacob. I. Hastapo and Anders Viken. It is refinement and development. Everyone is inspired by the old and the new.

Then it is the environment itself that “accommodates” and “weeds” over time. This is tradition. And when it comes to competitions, it’s the judges who decide whether something is “in it or not.” When the judges are in doubt, the FolkOrg Board of Directors will always be available for discussion. But the judges have the final say.

It is natural and useful to discuss such cases afterwards. We believe that “newly formed lawns in the traditional style – are they something inside and something outside?” It will be one of the topics on the local team’s digital coffee over the winter.

Those of us involved in ancient folk dance and music must always balance refinement and development. It’s the nature of our music. This gives variety. This year’s group play was full of people who love traditional dancing and who want to rock the dance. People do it in different ways. Diversity helps make ancient dance interesting to more people. Gammaldansen focuses on dance, and LF has become an attractive and inclusive festival where people can develop this dance.

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