Mia Gundersen, Stjernekamp | Mia Gunderson stands for election: – I think a lot of people are ready for a change

Mia Gundersen, Stjernekamp |  Mia Gunderson stands for election: – I think a lot of people are ready for a change

Earlier this week, NRK introduced the participants in the eleventh season of “Stjernekamp”.

Starting on Saturday 2 September, ten established artists will compete against each other in a variety of music genres, until at the end one of them will be left with the title of “Norway’s ultimate entertainer”.

One of the participants in the competition is seasoned performer Mia Gundersen (61).

During Monday’s launch, Netawissen could tell she was looking forward to the coming weeks, but had to think twice before accepting. A lot due to busy schedules.

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“Star Match” confirms participation

Candidates for election

Because there’s no doubt that the popular TV profile has a busy fall ahead of it. Monday, September 12 is election day in this country, and Gundersen is fifth on the Folkestiret list in Oslo.

Folkestaret was formed by Susan Hart in 2022, after she resigned from the Green Party after nine years. Folkestiret is not a political party, but a people’s movement working for stronger democracy and more decentralized people’s government in Norway, according to Folkestiret. Websites.

Until recently, Gunderson was not politically active and Netavisen could tell that he never went out and said which party he voted for or where he stood politically.

– I thought a little harder. But Folkestreit, this is not party politics. We do something for people. We want to give people a chance to vote on big issues, Gunderson continues:

– It really appealed to me, and it was a new way of thinking about politics. So that’s going to be really exciting to see because I think there are a lot of people who are ready for change.

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He has not yet participated in the election campaign

Although the election is still a month away, Gundersen admits that he hasn’t had much time to focus on the election campaign.

– A little funny thing is that I’m not likely to be too involved in the beginning of the election campaign for this Folkesired. So I don’t think the voters really know my political side yet, but I’ll see what I can do from now on,” says Gunderson.

How “Stjernekamp” is going to combine the next few weeks with the election campaign and the premier, he is currently in a quiet state.

– We have to take it as it comes, that too. You have to sometimes. Such is life, at least freelance life. Everything comes together. So take it as it comes and try to solve it, says Gunderson.

– Mia has a big heart

Folkestieret, listed by Gundersen in the capital, was created in 2022 by Susan Hart. After nine years in the Green Party, Hart chose to retire last year.

– In Stavanger and Rogaland the Folkestiret came into force after I had been elected by the people for eight years. “I see with frustration what people think democracy is,” Hart added Good evening Norway Earlier this summer.

Another profile, namely “Charter-Svein” Østvik, fits Party lists. Østvik is the fourth candidate for the People’s Board in Akershus.

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Mia Gundersen stands for election in Oslo

Heart believes that there is no place for elected officials and politicians to speak on behalf of the people and that power has disappeared from the hands of the people.

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– People feel less and less empowered, and many feel they are on the run. “I understood it by giving a new offer to the people,” he said, “It’s not a party, it’s a people’s movement.”

Mind was very happy to have Gundersen in the team.

– It was actually a random request from me to Mia, and then it happened. I am so proud to have Mia with me. She has a big heart, lots of clear and intelligent thoughts. She dares to raise her voice and is not afraid to say things. He is a good candidate on behalf of the people.

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