Michigan helps Trump

Michigan helps Trump

This is what was reported by Reuters news agency.

The result, which was expected, contradicts the Colorado Supreme Court's recent decision to halt Trump's election campaign, due to the former president's role in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

Colorado's decision has been put on hold pending the processing of an appeal, he writes CNN.

Unlike Colorado, the Michigan court dismissed the case entirely on procedural grounds.

Former US President Donald Trump will appear today in court in New York to testify in the case in which he is being sued for widespread fraud over a period of ten years. Dagbladet correspondent Vegard Kvale was inside the courtroom.
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The Michigan Supreme Court has never addressed the question of whether January 6 was a riot and whether Trump participated in it.

Why Michigan is different from Colorado, a Michigan judge wrote Wednesday.

“The anti-Trump challengers have not identified any similar provision in Michigan election law that would require any person seeking the office of president of the United States to certify his or her legal fitness to hold the office,” Judge Elizabeth Welch wrote.

The lawsuit was filed in Michigan in September by an advocacy organization called Free Speech for the People on behalf of a group of voters.

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