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Mixed on Wall Street |  FinanceAffairs.com

There was a mixed mood on Wall Street on Tuesday with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq rising, while the Dow Jones fell.

Strategists at Barclays raised estimates for the Standard & Poor's 500 Index from 4,800 to 5,300 points, according to CNBC.

The value of the so-called Great Seven companies in the United States (Nvidia, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta, Tesla, and Amazon) has risen by 14 percent this year alone. Much of the rise may be due to (and also contributing to) enthusiasm among foreign investors, who are buying US dollars to take part in the stock market party in these companies. Thus, it helps keep demand for the US dollar high,” DNB Markets wrote in an update.

Figures from the US Census authorities showed that demand for durable goods in the United States fell by 6.1 percent on a monthly basis in January. According to Trading Economics, a decline of 4.5 percent was expected.

“Looking a little further ahead, as usual, both inflation and labor market prospects will continue to influence mood, and we are particularly looking forward to this week's personal consumption expenditures numbers and not least also to the upcoming February payrolls,” Handelsbanken wrote in a column in the report. for him. a report.


This is how it went with the major indexes on Wall Street:

  • The Dow Jones index fell 0.24 percent to 38,975.03 points.
  • The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 0.19 percent to 5,079.20 points.
  • The Nasdaq index rose 0.37 percent to 16,035.30 points.


Stocks were mostly pointing up for Alphabet's The Magnificent Seven, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla:

  • Facebook shares rose 1.10 percent to 487.05.
  • Amazon shares fell 0.70 percent to 173.51.
  • Apple shares rose 0.81 percent to 182.63.
  • Netflix shares rose 2.31 percent to 601.67 points.
  • Alphabet shares rose 0.97 percent to 140.10.
  • Tesla shares rose 0.17 percent to 193.76.
  • Nvidia shares fell 0.38 percent to 787.89 points
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Price of a barrel of North Sea oil Brent It fell 0.06 percent to 83.41 barrels. West Texas Intermediate crude oil– Oil fell 0.06 percent to $77.86 per barrel.


Bitcoin's price was around $57,000 at the close of trading on Wall Street on Tuesday evening, the highest level since fall 2021.

Bitcoin has risen by about 32 percent since the new year. The all-time high is $68,789. There are now many financial players who must secure a foothold within cryptocurrency.

On January 11, Bitcoin ETFs were allowed to be traded on US exchanges. $6 billion has been pumped into these funds listed on the stock exchange.

  • Bitcoin rose 4.08 percent to $56,911.65.
  • Ethereum rose 1.72 percent to $3,249.81.
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