Apple Car has been cancelled! – Etavisen

Apple Car has been cancelled!  – Etavisen

After 10 years of trying, Apple is abandoning the Titan car project.

The group was surprised today

This was reported by Bloomberg, which has knowledge of Apple's internal affairs. However, one of the biggest hopes for Apple fans is history, and the company has shelved its most ambitious project ever – undoubtedly a major defeat for Tim Cook who might have hoped that this would be one of the products that history will remember.

Apple revealed the news to 2,000 employees who were working on the project early today, California time. The group that was working on the car, the Special Projects Group, was told that they would be working on artificial intelligence instead, a team led by John Giannandrea. The news that the car remains a dream for Apple was shared by “Chief Operating Officers” Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch. There will be employees who will have to find a new employer, while others will be able to apply for other positions within the company.

Apple considered pricing the car at $100,000

It is not surprising that Apple has now given up: it has changed top management several times, and Doug Field, who previously led the project, did not believe that the company's top managers would approve of the car:

Doug Field, who was just interviewed in connection with the 2024 Ford Lincoln Nautilus, left Apple, among other things, because he didn't think the company's top executives would ever agree to launch the car. Now the team hopes the new plan, “And the much less ambitious, 'enough to put a car on the road in four years. If Cook accepts the risk/reward,'” we wrote last month regarding the much less ambitious delay of the car until 2028.

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The board of directors was not satisfied with the potential price of $100,000 and that Apple would not be able to make as much money per sale as other products. They also increasingly doubted whether it was worth spending money on a project that might never come to fruition, which won't happen now either. At least not with Tim Cook as president.

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