Nuclear energy will be investigated in Drammen

Nuclear energy will be investigated in Drammen

nuclear power station: – It would have been very useful for Drammen, says group leader in Winter Hermann Ekle Lund.

Drammen Venstre literally comes with a torch in its proposal for an alternative budget for the next four-year period. Among the more sober proposals we find light rail.

Drama: However, according to Finster and group president Hermann Ekle Lund, the proposal to establish a nuclear power plant in Drammen is not radical as many other municipalities have already adopted the same thing – namely, conducting a feasibility study for nuclear energy in the municipality.

– We would like to emphasize that it is highly uncertain whether nuclear energy can become a profitable form of energy in Norway or whether it will achieve an acceptable resource footprint. But with the nature, climate and energy crises we now face, we cannot afford not to gain more knowledge when good opportunities are right in front of us, says Ekle Lund (pictured).

The Elvepen Nuclear Power Plant sees the Liberals enjoying many positive spin-offs.

– We believe that the nuclear energy pilot project can be very beneficial for both the energy situation, employment and business development in Drammen, says Drammen Group Chairman Finster..

The budget proposal also includes priorities related to workplaces, schools, preschools, and preventive services. But it’s not just nuclear energy that has the potential to raise eyebrows. Drammen Venstre also wants light rail in Drammen.

Here, the party does not want to limit itself to a feasibility study, but will go directly to the investigation.

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– Light rail is a transportation solution that many other cities benefit from, supporting ENØK’s measures for private households, for which many homeowners lack greater funds, the party said in a press release..

Otherwise, the party reserves the right to put forward a “more amended version” in the municipal council in December based on input during the consultation period. In order to cover the rising costs, Drammen-Winter suggests “downgrading non-essential projects, increasing tax revenues by putting more people out to work, and cutting party and entertainment expenses for politicians.”

– Our budget proposal will contribute to solving the main challenges facing Drammen when it comes to unemployment, transportation, energy, schools, kindergartens and more, says group leader Hermann Eckel Lund.

Note: The proposal received only Ventri’s presidential votes on Wednesday. The municipal council is scheduled to make its final decision in mid-December.

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