Nearly 50,000 victims of migrant-related murders, rapes, robberies and assaults – Doc

Nearly 50,000 victims of migrant-related murders, rapes, robberies and assaults – Doc

47,923 Germans were victims of migrant crimes such as murder, rape, robbery and assault in 2022, according to recently published statistics. statistics From the Bundeskriminalamt, the German Federal Criminal Police. This represents an 18 percent increase over the previous year.

The leading countries are Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

According to statistics, the most dangerous people are those whose asylum applications have been rejected, as well as migrants from coastal countries in North Africa such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. They make up 0.8% of all immigrants in Germany, but account for 8.5% of all suspected crimes committed by immigrants.

12,061 foreigners were victims of crimes committed by German citizens. However, the country does not differentiate between ethnic Germans and people with an immigrant background, whether they were born in the country or obtained a German passport. This means that German passport holders are at least four times more likely to be attacked by immigrants than immigrants with German passports.

This has been proven by many people

The scale of violent crimes committed by immigrants against Germans is “frightening,” says Heiko Tygatz, president of the Federal Police Association.

– What many have long felt has now been proven. There is no longer any room for bleaching. The federal and state governments must act in concert and consider every opportunity to deport criminals.

The counselor will send them home

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently called for the rapid expulsion of illegal immigrants after the country had long done little or nothing to curb mass migration.

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in interview In Der Spiegel, Schulz, who was vice chancellor for four years under asylum migration architect Angela Merkel, claimed that illegal immigrants should be deported as quickly as possible.

Eating on a social budget

Foreign nationals are more likely to receive public welfare than German citizens. Since 2010, Germany has paid 132 billion euros For unemployed foreign citizens. The percentage of beneficiaries of foreign aid has recently increased by 122 percent. The number of Germans receiving public welfare fell by half in the same period.

In 2023, foreign nationals will make up 18 percent of the population and 47 percent of Social Security recipients.

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