The suspected spy in Tromso – “The Professor” did everything wrong

The suspected spy in Tromso - "The Professor" did everything wrong

José Assis Giammaria (37) or Mikhail Valerievich Mikushin (44). Brazilians or Russians. Professor or spy.

The discrepancies between the man accused of being a spy and his story and the PST version of who is stark.

For about a year, he worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Tromsø. On October 24, he was arrested on his way to work.

On Saturday, the Russian newspaper The Insider and the network of investigative journalists Bellingcat will provide new information on the man accused of the so-called “lawbreakers”. Their correspondents discussed the details of the defendants’ movements and their history. The conclusion is clear:

He writes “Professor” did everything wrong insider.

Reveal password and driver’s license

The conclusion comes, among other things, as a result of mapping the digital footprints of the man accused of espionage. According to The Insider, among other things, the password he used for his login at the University of Tromsø was used in several other places that required the login.

However, careful investigations were supposed to reveal that the accused had given his address in Russia.

The only thing he needed to be revealed as a spy was a parachute hanging behind him, writes The Insider.

spy shock: Gunnar Wilhelmsen, mayor of Tromsø, says the arrest of a suspected spy in Tromsø is a grim reminder. Video: Shad Madian / Dagbladet channel. Reporter: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Grave journalists in Bellingcat obtained a photo of the driver’s license of the accused espionage. According to The Insider, the photo should leave no doubt that Giammaria and Mikusjin are the same man. Bellingcat claimed earlier this week that he was a colonel in the KGB.

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Since his arrest, the accused has denied that he is a spy and that he has anything to do with the case. His advocate, attorney Mariana Luzic, tells Dagbladet that she has been in contact with the client.

– I will not comment on what we talked about until we are questioned. That’s planned for next week, but we haven’t been able to make a date yet, says Luzic.

the purpose: Police attorney Thomas Bloom at PST at a news conference on Friday afternoon. PST believes that the actual identity of the accused spy in Tromsø is Mikhail Valerievich Mikosgin, and that he worked under the guise of being a Brazilian researcher.
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– hard blow

Lieutenant-Colonel and Director of the Staff School at the Norwegian Defense Academy Geir Hagen Carlsen says that creating a spy of the kind believed to be a PST discovered in Tromsø would take years and cost enormous resources.

– It is a severe blow to the Russian intelligence if it loses the so-called legitimate. It rarely happens, he tells NTB.

Carlsen thinks there may be spies in Norway, but he suspects there are many. The Lieutenant Colonel endorses this, among other things, by saying that he demands people who have to live a double life abroad for many years.

– It’s definitely a coup by PST if they have now caught an illegal order. It’s a unique work, Carlsen says, and it’s clearly a good intelligence job that requires respect.

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