Molly Rostas: – He made fun of a blister image

Molly Rostas: - He made fun of a blister image

Molly Rostas, 28, is one of Sweden’s biggest influencers, thanks to her 230,000 followers on Instagram, where she has content about everything from beauty and fashion to travel.

This is the last topic I’ve come across now, after I posted a photo of what was supposed to have been taken in Paris.

After a short time, she was captured by vigilante followers. Now it clears up confusion, according to Aftonbladet.

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In an Instagram post published on Tuesday of this week, she said she was able to reveal her travels to the French capital, Paris.

The photo was taken in the back seat of a taxi, and it has the caption “Helloo Parii”.

However, committed followers soon discovered that she was not at all in Paris when the photo was taken, despite the fact that her location is set in the French capital.

On the window you can see a sign indicating Stockholm Taxi.

Stockholm to Paris: Molly Rostas has been criticized on social media after this photo. Photo: Instagram screenshot
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It caused many humor accounts on TikTok, as well as the comments section, largely as many, among other things, noted that “a taxi ride from Stockholm to Paris must be expensive” and mocked the influencer for a mistake in the photo.

“Shit! The taxi meter must be hot all the way from Stockholm”, writes one follower, while another adds:

“All he likes. Superficial and fake. Standing in a taxi in Stockholm and pretending to be in Paris…”

removes confusion

She herself takes everything overwhelmingly calm.

In front of Aftonbladet, the 28-year-old, who is already in Paris now, can say that she has received all the comments.

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“Ha ha, yes, I was on my way to Paris, and now I am here with my family, to celebrate my mother-in-law,” she writes in an SMS to the Swedish newspaper, adding:

“I was actually here in Paris when the photo was posted, people just choose to misunderstand the whole thing.”

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