March 21, 2023


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Wenche Myhre: - Looking forward to growing up

Wenche Myhre: – Looking forward to growing up

She was only 13 years old, had a record contract, and in 1960 debuted with the song “Oh, It’s Sunday”. Since then, she has not stopped, and she has no plans to give up now either.

On February 15, Wenche Myhre turned 75, calling it a recession.

“I have annual celebrations every day and it’s so much fun with my great job, and some extra fun was also done when I turned 75,” Wenche Myhre tells Good morning Norway.

In May, she entered the stage with the concert “Wenche 75”, which she will also play this summer. Wenche herself says she’s looking more forward, but the concert is a simple reminder of her long career.

The nice thing about growing up is that you become very clear about what you want. Looking forward to growing up!

Big star in Germany

Especially in Germany, Jubilee was staged, where she was known as “Die Wenche” and at the age of only 16 she was invited to the country to compose music.

DIE WENCHE: Wenche Myhre made her debut in Germany when she was 16 years old. Photo: private

– When I was 16, record companies in Germany noticed that I had many hits in the top ten in Norway, and then they welcomed me. I didn’t take it seriously, but they asked me if I could sing a song. The response was massive and they wanted me to be in the studio in Germany, when the carousel started.

The Carousel did not stop and Wenche was constantly trying new challenges. Last year, she participated in a German drama series.

It’s a diverse profession, you face challenges and you get a lot done. I was asked to play in the drama series and I’m curious and always thinking: “I have to try.” It must be said that I did not prepare much, so I had to improvise a lot, but I contributed to life in the camp.

Around Winch’s birthday, she got a lot of attention from her followers in Germany.

– It was an incredible amount in my dating, I got a lot of cards and a lot of attention, it says 75, but I don’t take it all in.

– You are now 75 years old and the carousel continues. what is the secret?

The secret lies in feeling content, desire, curiosity and positivity. It is important to laugh and surround yourself with people you have fun with, and you should also be a little yeasty.

– What is most important to you?

– the family. I have four sons and ten grandchildren, it’s wonderful, this is the most important thing for me in life.

Next plans

The 75-year-old is now ready with a summer show and a tour in Norway, and a new record set in Germany.

First you will be with Good Morning Norway at the “Summer party from Telemark” where you will be hosting Princess Märtha Louise along with Birgit Skarsten. Wenche has previously sung with Queen Sonya.

– It was exciting to sing with the Queen when I was young and humble.

Would you invite Princess Märtha Louise to sing with you?

– I might not rule anything out. I look forward to meeting Martha Louise and Birgit Skarsten.

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