The “celibate”: – He replies: – He gets angry

The “celibate”: – He replies: – He gets angry

During Tuesday’s episode of the dating show “The Bachelor”, several girls are once again preparing for a date. Thea Storhaug (24) enjoys going on a solo date with Amadou Sica (27), while Elinor Sislo Haakonsen (30), Sène Berg (24) and Velde Crosshaven (30) have been invited on a joint date with the other bachelorette. Alexander Lund (29).

That’s how it went with the Jackton couple.

Håkonsen, Berg and Crosshaven were told that they would be playing paintball with Lund, but they quickly realized that the bachelor would not be participating in the game. Program leader Kim Wigard, 35, says it’s the girls who will be playing against each other, thus fighting for a one-on-one date with Lund.

It’s hard to split three girls into two different teams – and Wigaard announces that a brand new girl will be entering.

to cheat: Bachelor Amadou Sekka took advantage when the cameras were not present during the taping of “The Bachelor”. This was not common in production. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Selina Morken / TV Norway
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We talked together before recording

Frida Skronis Sandberg (age 21) comes in as a new “matchmaker,” and it soon becomes clear that she has had contact with Lund before. She says she knows him a little bit before, and that they talked on Instagram.

Sent home: - Very sad

Sent home: – Very sad

Despite the fact that it was only on “The Bachelor” that they met face to face, the other girls began to wonder if Sandberg might have an advantage. This causes dissatisfaction to quickly spread through the group when she talks about her liaison with Lund.

“BSC”: Some of the girls who will now be trying to find love have appeared on TV before. Video: Norway TV
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– I’ve talked to Alexander a little bit before, so I thought I’d like to get to know him better. “He looks very good and very nice,” Sandberg says in the episode.

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Moreover, she says:

-We talked for about three weeks before he left here, so it was pretty recent.

- It became a competition between us

– It became a competition between us

Berg then spoke to the other girls and repeated what she heard — making no secret of her reaction.

– I was actually a little upset. Shouldn’t he be single when he comes here?, she asked, and explained that she considered that “you shouldn’t keep up with everyone else” when you’re on “The Bachelor.”

First appointment: Bachelor Amadou Sekka takes Sarah Berg Holmberg on a date on “The Bachelorette,” and at first glance it may seem like we’re going to have our first kiss of the season. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Selina Morken / TV Norway
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You must be single

Se og Hør asks Discovery press contact Ola-Magnus Svihus if there are any requirements for participants to be single.

– In order to participate in “The Bachelor”, you must be single when accepted into the production. This applies to both single people and suitors. On the other hand, production has neither the desire nor the reasons to demand anything from them until recording begins, other than that they remain single.

- That day I was in complete shock

– That day I was in complete shock

Contact between Lund and Sandberg only began after he was announced as a bachelor – something unusual according to Svehus.

– When bachelors or bachelorettes are advertised, it is common for interested suitors to contact them directly, and then the bachelors or bachelorettes can encourage them to apply to be part of the program. This is what happened in this case.

Secret: It’s finally the premiere of the Norwegian version of “The Bachelor” on Norge TV, and the girls will introduce themselves to bachelorettes Alexander Lund and Amadou Sekka. But matchmaker Liv Karen chose to prepare in a slightly special way. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Selina Morken / TV Norway
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At the end of the episode, Sandberg claims that she received messages from Lund on Snapchat, which may indicate that they were in contact during the recording. Svihus can deny this:

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– From the time registration begins until it ends, participants will not have access to a phone, and will not have the opportunity to stay in touch with others.

Cut to intimate shots

Cut to intimate shots

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