Bianca Ingrosso’s family secret: – Completely ill

Bianca Ingrosso’s family secret: – Completely ill

Swedish influencer Bianca Ingrosso, 28, grew up almost in the spotlight, as her mom Pernella Walgren, 51, has had a solid career since she was very young.

His father, Emilio Ingrosso, 57, also had a career as a dancer and composer. In 1985, he was a background dancer for Wahlgren when she sang the song “Piccadilly Circus” in “Melodifestivalen”.

Respond to baby rumors

The two married in 1993, and until they divorced in 2002, they were the favorites of the Swedish press.

It’s no secret that the Wahlgren/Ingrosso family is made up of a famous group, and you might think you know most of their so-called “secrets.”

dance: When Astrid Smiplas hosted Bianca Ingrosso’s talk show, she pulled a joke that didn’t sit well with our Swedish neighbours. Video: Red Runner / Discovery+
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Being one of the most famous families in Sweden, it’s probably not surprising that we know so much about each one, but it’s still something that isn’t mentioned often, according to Swedish Women’s Journal.

In 2019, Ingrosso revealed that the grandmother and grandfather, whose names are Carmina and Carmino, are not only in love and married, but are also cousins.

Recently, Wahlgren also addressed the private family situation on her podcast “Wahlgren & Wistam,” where she talks about genealogy. This led to her mentioning her ex-husband’s parents.

– My ex-husband’s mother and my father are cousins, she said at the time on the podcast episode.

Suppression of rumours

Suppression of rumours

A little later she jokingly added:

– I say like Thomas Leiden: it is not recommended.

Four years ago, when Bianca Ingrosso was a guest on the TV show “Luuk & Hallberg,” she was suddenly drawn into the somewhat unusual relationship of grandparents.

relationship: At Elle gala, Bianca Ingrosso, Lucas Armando Foela and Lovisa Worge met, after which the latter confirmed her Norwegian friend. Reporter: Jenny Emily S. Video: Selena Morquin.
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They are cousins, she said, after showing them a clip from “The World of Walgreens”.

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The revelation seemed to come as a shock to presenter Christian Luke, 56, who quickly asked if the 28-year-old was just joking.

– no. She replied that she was very ill.

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